My keeten i miss u so much. The snow is falling and i am remembering the wonder in ur eyes as we would watch it out the back window. .. I still can't look out that window like we did even over two years that uve been gone. I still cant believe u are gone... my heart still breaks even after all this time without u, my best friend. I wish u were here...
I hope u hear me when I talk to u and tell u every day how much I love u and miss u. U are my heart and soul and I am not the same without u.
Alex and Riley turned two a couple weeks ago. ..can u imagine it seems like only days ago they came here barely the length of ur tail. Ur beautiful tail.. Riley's looks just like it, only the white tip is a little bigger. Its amazing how much she looks and acts like u. I tell them all the time stories of their brother they never met. Im sure u see them.. i feel like u are here teaching and guiding them... playing with them and ur other brothers and sisters.
God what I would give to see u again...
I saw the woman I adopted u from a few days ago at the vet... she remembered u and began telling her daughter the story of Yellowman and how determined she was to save ur life. U were so sick at the time u probably dont remember, but Dr Arnold saved ur life... the girl told her to do whatever it takes and they did. I told her she saved ur life and mine when she rescued u... gave me the best friend I ever had and the greatest love Ive ever known. ..I cherish the 15 years we had together, my Wiley. When its quiet like right now I expect to hear ur happy inquisitive trill as u walk into the room as if to say, "whatcha doin', mom?" and jump up on the bed and keep butting ur head against me. God how I miss that... miss everything about u, my keeten lover sweet. I would give anything to have u here with me again.

So many people posting on this site are hurting so much and i am so sad for everyone here as I know all too well the intense unforgiving pain and guilt and the enormous void that can never be filled... even just over two years it hits like a tidal wave and I feel like I am drowning as on the first day, first moment u were gone. It is a hollow lonely place even if u have anyone around. .. there is no pain like this. No loneliness like this.
No emptiness like this...

Please always know I love u more than life, my best friend, my Wiley. ..
No one will ever take ur place.

U are my soul.

Sweet dreams, my keeten. ...I hope to see u in mine until we can be together again forever.

I love u Xoxo
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I can feel the pain in this letter for Wiley, 15 years of love and happy memories too. I am sorry for your loss and always stay strong.
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Hi Stacie,
So nice to see your post! I didn't realize it had been 2 years since you lost Wiley. I know you shared an amazing bond and you will always love and think of your him. It was 2 years on Nov. 10 since I lost Bailey. I've popped on the forum occasionally to post to people who were newly bereaved because I will never forget that devastating time but something about this 2 year anniversary.... I think perhaps it takes a long time to really process such a huge loss.
I remember that we both sang: "You're my best friend" to our beautiful little friends: Wiley and Bailey 😊
Alex and Riley must be such sweet cats - so hard to believe they're turned two already! The time sure does fly! Charlie loved my husband right from the start and we have grown much closer over time as he has opened up more. He was very shut down when we first adopted him.
I hope you are doing well Stacie! Thinking of you and your sweet Wileykitten!! ❤️
Hugs, MJ
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Hello Stacie!
Wow! Two years have already gone by since you lost Wileykitten. You had your beloved Wiley for a long time so it's natural that you still miss him so much! It's almost 2 years since I lost my first little dog. I really can't believe it! I keep wanting to post about them but it would be a very long story so maybe someday but not today. Today I want to tell you I'm so sorry you're still missing Wiley so much but I'm also happy to hear that your other lovely cats are doing well. Stay well he hugs to you,
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