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I love the pictures of Brownie, he’s so cute❣️🐾❣️
Your letter to your boy is soo full of love Jessica. I know you’re missing him like crazy, I wish I could give you a big huge.
He’s never far away from his Mama, just believe Jess.
I’m soo happy to hear his pineapple is growing soo well. Good job sweetie! ,,,,,

Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever

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Oh Jessica, look at how Brownie's pineapple plants are flourishing, your handsome boy is doing a great job helping his Mom tend to those plants with such love, absolutely beautiful that you are growing these pineapple plants in honor of Brownie.

Oh how I love the photos of your precious boy, Brownie is so adorable, I can see how missing him would be so easy, but always remember, your Brownie is never far away, he listens for his wonderful Mom's loving voice, so be sure to always talk to your Brownie, especially when tending the lovely pineapple plants, your love along with Brownie's green thumb (or should I say green paws) will help those plants grow each day.

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos with us here, I really enjoy seeing your Brownie and the beautiful tribute you have planted and grown in his honor.

Sending peace, healing and gentle hugs your way, may you always know and feel the soft nudge of your Brownie's loving spirit each and every day.

Your friend always, Don
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