8 days today I lost you. I have relived those last few hours over n over. I'm so sorry I chose to try and save you instead of being with you when you needed me. I really had hoped you would come out of surgery and give me more time. I just added more pain to you and not being able to let you know I was there is breaking my heart. 15 years was along time to end with so much pain
Pamela Ailey
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Pamela, I think we all live out those last few hours over and over again. We lost our 17 year old dog Jim just over 7 weeks ago. he deteriorated so rapidly we had to have him pts.   While I know in my heart it was absolutely the right thing to do, I sometimes find myself thinking `did we let him go too soon - should we have let him go even sooner?` I think we all have feelings like this, its part of the grieving process.   You did what you thought was right with Goliath, you were giving him a chance by letting him have surgery, but I believe he would thank you for giving him that chance. No one was to know what would happen, he would not want you to be brokenhearted at all.

   Just try to remember all the good times you had together. although I know that`s easier said than done. You have 15 years of memories of Goliath to look back upon. Take care, Hugs. x 

J Taylor
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With almost all dogs, whatever the circumstances, the end is traumatic for those left behind. Why get bad the end of their life? I don't know but I would like to know the answers.
I think you did what was the best for your dog. You took your dog to the vet and altough he died you couldn't do it better way. You did the best you could at the time. I have lot of guilts because I did or didn't things, but I can't see anything you should feel guilt. 
Hug. Liza.
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