Well it is true, new furbabies do bring smiles as well as bittersweet memories of lost loves.
Becky is quite the clown. It is very satisfying watching her blossom. Like watching a rose bloom, little by little she seems to get a sense of love and freedom. She is a continual source of smiles and laughter for me & my husband. Our 9 yr old lab/beagle Abby is the patient older sister with the little "upstart". Becky seems to think Abby's food is hers too and she will lay in front of Abby's bowl and "guard it". Becky has only barked once, when Abby had the nerve to eat from Becky's bowl! Dear Abby is a lover not a fighter. Being the pacifist she is, she just tolerates it and waits for Becky to give up or go to sleep! Becky is curious, downright nosy about anything & everything and has gotten herself into a few predicaments.  She is equally affectionate toward me & my husband, which is really special for him.

Which brings me to my baby dog Tuffy. He was my little man, Momma's boy as my son called him. Tuffy was my big love in life. I am so painfully aware of the love & companionship that Tuffy & I shared. How much I miss our conversations and everyday rituals. The many games we played together, the way he always knew the right thing to "say". So many gifts he gave me. His presence always assured me things were right with my world. When the lights went off each night and he was snuggled up to me, I knew that whatever that day had brought or whatever the next day might bring, Tuffy, my friend, my soulmate and I would see it through. His love & optimism would carry me through. The world I knew dissolved the day I lost my precious boy. I will laugh & smile at Becky, but never again will I have the comfort of my big love in life, Tuffy.
I miss you, and you & me Tuffy. I hope you always knew how special you were to me, I hope I told you often enough. Those days are like the most beautiful dreams, the memory of our times are the sweetest songs in my heart.

Rest well my friend, not only will I never forget you, I will remember you better each day.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal;
Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Tuffy, My Puppy Love
June 20, 2005-July 26, 2010

Becky Leigh, Queen of my Heart
December 2010-November 10, 2015
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I'm glad your having fun Regina....and Tuffy would be happily watching over you all. Judy

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Hi Regina,
I'm also so happy to hear Becky is bringing you and your husband so many smiles!   I've never been through all this myself but I'm beginning to think, that in many cases, although we can certainly love again, maybe there IS that ONE special love that stands out over all others in our heart.  Maybe not for everyone but, the more I read and hear of others' experiences, I'm wondering if that is the case many times.   I can't say for myself because I haven't got another yet but it is hard to imagine loving another as much as I loved Scottie.   I suppose the love is just different with each.  Some, like Sammy's Dad seems to have had very deep love for several and I think that is so wonderful. 
Anyway, I'm very happy for you! 
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Regina, I loved reading about Abby and Becky. They sound like quite the pair. I really love that quote about remembering better each day. This is what I want to do for Sammy, when I am ready. It is still a little too painful now.

"If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever." ~ The Crow

"We don't "get over" our losses and just move on, we learn to live differently."
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Becky sounds like a doll, I'm glad she's bringing yo and your husband some fun and happiness.
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Regina, have you posted pics of Becky and I missed them?
She's morphed into "Becky", huh? lol 
I feel myself kind of holding back with Annie as far as loving her.  It's like I don't want to hurt Mary in any way.  Weird.  Annie makes us remember so many little things about Mary that we'd forgotten.  Another reason to be grateful for her!
We're learning Annie and she's learning us.  Mary was 14 years old and Annie is 3.  We forgot what it's like to have a young dog...but Annie is making us remember. lol  She's such a little goof.  She has what we call her "Elvis grin".  And we'll never be attacked by jets because she chases them away by barking...or so she thinks ;)  If only she wouldn't shed so much! 
I'm soooo glad Becky is working out for you and Chuck.  How's the rest of your world doing?
love ya,

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