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So sorry about Coco. I cried when I read your post. I lost my Cody to cancer July 24.2016. I write a journal to him every day. I also devastated...mMy 2 yr old white cat Sammy also devesteted...I sleep with a stuffy like him. He was a mini pincher and died age 7... Too young. I also slept on floor with him for 2 days before I realized I had to get him over the Rainbow Bridge. I still cry for him. Three days ago we rescued a Teddy bear pup, part shihtzu bichon, 1 yr old. He has already bonded with us, I love him already, but Cody will always be in my heart. I finally see my cat playing with him, instead of staring at the wall or running to door when he hears a dog bark.it had broken my heart. I knew I was ready to love again. It was so long I ached and cried but I always think of Cody..I know he would be happy to see me share my love with Teddy because he knows he will always be in my mind and heart...I will pray for you and Coco..Maybe they are playing and running together in heaven..Be strong I will pray for you... One day it will be a bit better. It took me almost 5 months (on Christmas Eve) to feel life again. I know I have enough love to give Codys brother teddy a happy life. And in time it will get easier... Cody ❤️Will always be with me. Praying for you and of course Coco..Be strong and don't hold back tears.. I will pray for you and family.........sincerely. ...Ann, readingah@gmail.com
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Dear Coco,
Have a wonderful Christmas at Rainbow Bridge.  Play happily with my Bella and all of your RB friends, open presents, eat treats, and remember your dear Mommy who loves you with all of her heart and misses you terribly.  Send her a sign just to let her know that you love her and miss her just as much.

Hi Andrea,
It has been a while since I have been on the forum, but I am just stopping by with a Christmas wish for you and for beautiful Coco.   Know that even though I do not write much anymore, all of my Rainbow Bridge friends, who have helped me SO, SO SO, much, are never far from my mind.
Enjoy the Christmas season with family and friends, and remember your sweet girl with a smile on your lips.
Love, Karen xxx
(Bella, Charli and Buddy's very lucky mum)

My gorgeous girl, Bella  26/07/2004 - 03/04/2014
"You were once by our side, but you will be forever in our hearts. Until we meet again baby girl."
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Andrea,  And now it is three years.  Just want you to know I am thinking of you and praying for you to have comfort on this day of remembrance.  Marlene
Marlene Wagner
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Hi Andrea,

I learned of you and Coco through your posts on Don's sweet Bella's thread. Wishing you peace and comfort today on Coco's three years.

Peanut's Mom

"Sometimes even the smallest things can take up the most room in your heart"
-Winnie the Pooh

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Hi Andrea,

Three years already, man where did that time go Andrea.
Not a Sunday goes by that I don't think of your sweet Coco, of course you, Ben, Vadie and your handsome Rudy are also in my thoughts. How is that handsome boy doing, I bet he is one big, strong boy, but I am sure he gives you so much love, fun and adventures.

Hope you are doing well, hope your family is finding the peace their hearts deserve.
May your sweet Coco ring those chimes so loudly to let you know she is always close by, your beautiful girl loves to keep an eye on her little (big) brother, making sure he follows the rules and listens to his wonderful Mom.

To your sweet and beautiful girl, Coco, on her three years. May you always hear her chimes and feel her love.

Your Friend Always, Don

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