Hi friends old & new , Av not been on here for a while. Tbh its just one big struggle my baby has been away 7 month now & Av struggled so much with the grief , alough it has lifted slightly the missing him part is terrible . I hit bad depression & just didn't know what to do with myself, am terrified of losen my girl candy only thing that makes it better is knowing my boy will be waiting for her . I had this thought that there was some sort of time limit that a should feel better , but I know its a chunk of my hart that will never grow back in . I even contacted an animal communicator which I paid £35 for that was just rubbish , I was just so desperate. Anyway a hope all of my old friends Av met on here are doing ok and keeping well & to the new people on here yous have came to the right place for support & understanding with the most beautiful people that helped me know I wasn't alone x sending love & peace to all
Annemarie & candy 🌈🐩🐰🐱🐭🐾
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Hi Annmarie,

I am so sorry to hear that you are struggling, please try your best to remember that grieving has no time limit, so there is no need to rush or push yourself, our hearts will always be missing that peace, and your Gizmo is that missing piece, but hopefully our hearts find the peace it craves each and every day.
It is a long journey Annemarie, but always know, your sweet Gizmo is with you every step of the way, never will your sweet boy let you travel this road alone.

Sending positive healing thoughts your way, as well as our positive thoughts for your Candy.
May your heart always know and feel the warmth of your Gizmo's love each and every day.

Sincerely, Don & Vera
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Gizmo wants you to to be OK, as any best friend would. He may not be able to tell you right now, but those pets we had a special bond with care as much for our welfare as we did for them. Nothing, not even their departure from this life changes that.
I think they really want us to live again, and even to find the love of another animal in need of a home. There are so many who have lost their people, and are hoping to be loved again.

A few weeks ago, I could not imagine ever adopting another animal. I was beyond devastated, and inconsolable, unable to even imagine ever recovering from my profound sorrow. A few people here reminded me that my little (6.4 lbs) Bertie would not want me to remain in such a miserable state, and that to honor her, my part is to remember her with love, and to open my heart to another animal someday. 

For me that time will come, and when I am ready, the right cat, or maybe a dog, will come along, too.  Right now, I may still be pretending to feel a little hopeful and ready to begin to move on. But I owe it to Bertie, and my next furry friend to do what I have to, to get to that place. 


Bertie's Daddy
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Dawn & Vera many thanks yous are always there to comfort so many of us , I remember yous been there for me at the start of my journey yous are wonderful what yous give to people on here . I just wish I could have a wee more few sightings of him I have had 2 that I am sure of I always ask spirit to plz let me see him , I miss him so much , only person that understands is my mum and my brother I always call them crying & iam blessed to have this beautiful forum I still haven't washed his bowl I will never part with any of his stuff , the bond & love will go on , its a hard journey this one of grieving your child . Thank you so much LAMONT your words are lovely & yeh I believe they want us to go on and be happy , am sorry for the loss of your Bertie . I dont have human children my gizmo and candy are my baby's , and I have never felt love like I feel for my baby's , I love all animals so much and I know one day I will have to go through this again with my Girl god knows how I will cope with that . I have decided not to get anymore but to help animal charitys & stuff with animals I feel Iv had my baby's in life and never could I cope with that pain , most times I only look forward to seeing my boy again , I'm actually scrapping by in life I dont live I exist , but I vowed in my sons name and for my girl I will try and get better . Its just something that I have never felt before the pain is indescribable as yous know .I want to try and help others hear at the start of there journeys but always dont know if am saying the right thing as iam still on mine x plz know Iam truly grateful from the bottom of my hart for the love and compassion yous have shown x bless yous sending love to yous Annemarie candy & gizmo xxx
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Annemarie, thank you for your kind words on another post. It really is a hard journey, much harder than any of us would have imagined. I am glad to see you post again, but I know about the waves of despair and the depression that can come over us. Sometimes, I just need some time to 'catch my breath', it seems like I want time to stop going by, to pause, but it has already been a year since China left. I wrote a letter to China on her anniversary, and I'm glad I did, but it took so much out of me, set me back, I guess reliving all the feelings during those first months was more difficult than I thought. So, don't worry, do whatever you need to do, I keep learning more about 'me' and this journey of grief each day that goes by. I know I will never leave the pain behind, I just have to adapt someway to live with it. I'm doing the same things you mentioned, giving what I can to help shelters, adoption places, anything I can do to honor the love that China gave me. I'm not sure I can adopt again, I'm scared of going through the pain of losing them. I want you to know, someone will always be here to help you. This is such a long journey, probably the rest of our lives, but we have each other, we are all together in this walk, this 'going home'. Blessings to you.
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Hi Annemarie,

Thanks so much for checking in on Norm's thread. I was sorry to ready that you've been having a really tough and sad time. I'm glad you are back and posting. It can be so helpful to be around others who understand. It doesn't make it better, but it does make it a bit easier to know we are not alone. Be kind to yourself and know that you are supported by everyone here.


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