My little girl that I got as a puppy, died yesterday at the age of 9. A beautiful mixed Shiba Inu. I'm having such a hard time dealing with this and accepting it. It just happened so unexpectedly. She wasn't sick and wasn't showing any signs of slowing down. Ruby still went on walks, chased birds and squirrels and rabbits. Chased our cat up and down the stairs etc. She was still eating and drinking perfectly fine. She was in the backyard and came into the house and just layed down on her favorite sofa by the window to take her nap. She went to sleep and after a bit my husband went over to pet her and she did not respond and came to found out she just died there. Just like that! My little princess! I just keep expecting to see her at any minute, wanting to be fed, or wanting to go to for a walk, or to be barking at the neighbors dogs through the window. I can't stop crying. Her presence is terribly missed. We lost our golden retriever a few years ago and Ruby was the last pet we had left!
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Oh Susan I’m so, so sorry! What a shocking tragedy you are going through. Their are no words, im just so sad for you. Please know we can understand the pain you’re feeling, it’s heartbreaking. You will be in my prayers, wishing much comfort for you your husband, be kind to yourselves in this heartbreak and reach out as often as you need,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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