On Sat night my cat seemed to be feeling a little poorly but not bad but by Monday morning he was not breathing right and was obviously ill. An emergency trip to the vet revealed a bladder blockage and kidney damage and by Tues morning he was dead. The shock for all of us was the hardest to bear. This was a cat that I had only had for a couple of years but he had showed up as a stray and had chosen me to be his human and I miss him dreadfully. He was a soft long haired Siamese, the most beautiful cat I have ever had and he slept with me most nights, snuggled up with me under the covers with his head on the pillow or my arm. I and the vet thought he was a girl until they put in a Cath and discovered she was a he so yes his name was Princess and I was intentional in saying he! I miss his quiet little meow asking to go to bed and the thump of him jumping into the bed and coming up to get under the covers. He isn't the cat I chose, the cat I have had the longest or the one I have put the most time into but he for sure took the biggest part of my heart with him when he left and I kept thinking about if there was more I could of done for him but I guess I will never know because it's done now. Princess I will always be your mommy even after my tears are gone.
Crystal, princesses chosen human
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So sorry for your loss.  The sudden loss is so hard to understand.  My Dali was very healthy until I noticed her breathing hard one morning, but eating and seeming happy.  I watched her a while and then took her to the vet who said she had respiratory infection.  Shot, meds, she'd be fine.  That night she seemed okay, slept well, was up and moving.  The next morning she just died all of a sudden.  That suddenness has haunted me for over 5 weeks.  What could I have done?  I so understand that sudden missing your baby.  Love the story how you thought he was a she...there are a lot of things you'll miss, the little things now mean so much.  So sorry for your loss.  Hugs toyou

Dali, as much a daughter as any human...  pure love
Until we meet again

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