Hey guys,
Thank you for all the support you've given me this past week. You all have helped dull the pain immensely. Maggie's ashes arived at the vet today, my dad and I are going to go get them, then this weekend we are going to sprinkle them across her favorite island at the lake. It is going to be very hard over the weekend without her though. She was always so alert at the boat, even during her last weekend there she swam, 7 days before she died. I have her picture and paw print above my bed, even though looking at pictures of her make me cry more. I've started accepting it, but that dosn't mean i'm over her or i've forgotten her. Each dog we have leaves paw prints on our heart that can never be erased. Thanks again guys.

- Maggie's loving sister, Sarah.
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Hi Maggie's sister,

Have you ever thought of waiting a bit before you spread the ashes?  I have to say that having the ashes close to me was so important when my Nico and Kudo died. You could always do it in a few months.  Or maybe keep some of the ashes with you for awhile longer.  Just a suggestion.... 

Thinking of you, your family and your precious Maggie.  


Karen,Kudo and Nico's mom
Earth mom to Marco and Bella
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I would keep them if I could, but it grosses my mom out. I've thought about taking some secretly without my mom knowing because she thinks its weird.
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Maybe you could talk to your mom, about waiting even a few more weeks. Maggie will always be in your heart, you can always find her that close by.
I find Maddie's ashes comforting, though at some point I will probably spread them. I'm just not ready even at 7 months.
When you go and get the ashes, the day maybe hard for you. for some it's really hard, for others, they find comfort. we will be here to help you. Judy
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Would a friend be willing to keep them for you? Or another relative? If your mom is uncomfortable having them in the house?

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I am still awaiting Baloo's ashes and we were planning on spreading them on his favorite island in the river. He loved chasing the pelicans and other birds...he also loved catching mullet when my husband would release them from the cast net. When fishing we would have to let Baloo lick each fish before releasing them and he would look at us like "what the heck" if we did not reel in a fish every cast! Swimming was his most favorite and we still have his stick on the boat....looking at it makes me cry.
I am now feeling that I want Baloo to be home for a while before I let him go to his island....I just want him to be close. Maybe your Mom will change her mind...also they sell necklaces with little pendants that will hold a piece of Maggie's ashes....I have thought of getting one for myself.  
Hugs to you.... 
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Try to save some of Maggie's ashes. There is no hazard from ashes; they are very clean and dry.
Cheryl has a good suggestion re: relatives, as does Baloomom re: pendants. I have Ayesha's ashes in my china at home. I will spread some of them; most will go into a commemorative urn. I am in no hurry to do so, however.
I will likely do it on the 4th of July (her birthday).
At this time it is best not to make hurried decisions, if it can be helped.
My best wishes to you and your family at this tough time...
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