Izzy was my eight year old border collie. I am a single mom with 2 kids, and on many a holiday when the kids were at their dad's, it was just me and Izzy. July 24th of this year, we came home from a day on the boat, without Izzy as she was scared of the water, and found her acting very strange.  She was not moving and was acting as if she had gotten overheated.  I carried her outside and put her in her wading pool and tried to get her to drink. She just laid down and wouldn't move.  I ended up calling the vet and between us we identified the problem, my baby had been accidently poisoned with rat poison that our neighbor has been using to try to get rid of a groundhog.  The vet stayed with Izzy all evening trying to help her and at 1am she passed on.
I cannot even begin to explain how I feel, it truly is like I lost one of my kids.  I feel as though I let her down, I should have protected her and I didn't. I feel guilty angry and depressed, and I don't know how to get through this. I feel like noone understands what I am going thru, I have even has people tell me it was only a dog, but she wasn't just a dog. She was my friend and companion when noone else was around, and she was my baby.....
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Oh ixxybelle, I am soooo sorry, what an awful thing to happen. You didn't let her down, you couldnt have know that would happen. Don't let anyone tell you what to feel. most people who say it was only a dog, are people who have never had this deep connection with an animal. they just dont understand. Please know that we will all be here for you. its almost 6 weeks since I lost my Maddie, and I am still here grieving, and there are still wonderful people supporting me, as they and I will too.
The loss is huge of your special baby. the unconditional love of an animal, is like no other, hugs to you, and prayers are with you. Judy...keep coming back and tell us more about you baby. 
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What a heart-wrenching thing to have happen! I'm so sorry. 

Sue Squillions wrote this about her cat. I've changed it to "dog", since my beloved Boogie was a dog. It brings me a lot of comfort to read it, because it puts words on how I (silently) respond to stupid, unenlightened people who have never themselves experienced the deep love you can have with an animal, any animal. 


You say she was just a dog?

Then the sun is just a star,

New York is just a city,

A Maserati’s just a car.

The Nile is just a river,

The Pacific’s just a sea.

You say she was just a dog?

She was everything to me.


~ Susan “Susie Squillions” Lynch, © 2005

My Boogie died on 3/25/2010. She was the best dog anybody could ask for. I will be with her again when my time comes.

A drawing of Pax by Heather Spears. She specializes in bereavement and is wonderful to work with, she understands how we feel. She can be reached at spears.heather@gmail.com
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There are people who will not understand the kind of love Animals give to us humans. They cheer up people who have very deep problems and issues. They also give hope to some prison inmates and soften their heart and brought their innocence back. They also give hope to the sick and injured.

Since the history of mankind, our furbabies are always there, doing our bidding, help us shape the world.  Yet people still say they are just a dog/cat/animals.

I hope they soon feel the love of animals, It's a very surreal, very inspiring.

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