I hurt so bad. I just can't cope. I loved him and always will. Homer was my heart dog Its been 2 weeks and I have such a hole in my heart that will never heal. I should have said no and just taken him home Why didn't I stopnit? I can't believe I kiled my heart dog. . I should have screamed. I should have changed my mind, taken him home. I could've picked him upevery time he fell, I could've carried him. And what did I do I killef my heart. Oh Homer I miss you so much.
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It was three weeks ago today that I lost my precious Scout.  She passed away when I arrived at the hospital to put her to sleep of a combination of kidney and heart failure.  There is no winning that situation.  I, too, wanted to bring her home, but her best chances for survival were at the hospital.  If I'd brought her home, she likely would have hid or tried to run off, on top of all the medical issues I would not have been able to deal with.  She wouldn't have eaten, and I would have just watched her decline, powerless.  We do the best we can in the worst situations.  In time, we come to realize this and know that while guilt is natural, it ultimately serves little purpose.  I would never have wanted to have to put Scout to sleep, but then I would never have wanted her to spend her last week in discomfort.  Either way, we lose.  But we make the best decisions we can at the time.  We do this because we love them. 
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I lost 2 furbabies this year, one in January and one last week...........and taking them "home" was really not an option, the vet
even said it would be "selfish" for me to do that. Alot of these pets need professional help with fluids, and medication and medicine,
and most importantly how much pain they are in. We sometimes can't see that pain,  but when a dog stops eating, that is pain!
when dogs have cancer that is pain too! Please know Cathy, that you did the right thing at that time, you would not want your
baby to suffer anymore.


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