Hi all. It's been quite a gap from my last post after losing my Missy to cancer last November. I genuinely feel I have had a continued depression and sadness that I just cant shake. I dont want to hurt or cry when I think about her I don't want to forget about her eveything even after all this time has me a wreck. I have recently adopted a new little furbaby Hank. He is a doll and I love him to death. I was not sure at first how I would feel but he has some traits that remind me of missy and also has his own very unique personality and I love him for that. I believe he is helping me heal but not a day goes by I still do not miss her and think about her. Something really hit me hard tonight and I've been pretty upset. I talk to Hank about his sister I think she would have loved him too. I probably sound crazy but the loss of missy is something that I just am not sure I'll ever get over and I struggle still alot. Thanks for letting me vent this forum has helped me though alot at times. God bless.
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Welcome to your new furbaby Hank. He sounds like a sweetie!

I am so sorry for your loss of missy. First of all, you don't sound crazy! You have experienced the loss of a family member that was beloved to you. As those of us have experienced after losing a loved one, there is a horrible gap that can't be filled by anything else. Grief is an enigma and effects everyone differently. You never need to forget about her.

This is just a suggestion, but have you tried writing her a letter? You can journal to her, write to her, whatever works for you. 

You have a ton of support here. My thoughts are with you. 

K. Unger
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Dear Kristie,

You are not alone sweetie. We are with you in spirit and prayer. I am glad you allowed Hank into your home and into your heart. My paths crossed with an abandoned kitten (that I named "KID") the first week of July. He is a little Tuxedo cat with a black mustache, so I named him after the classic Charlie Chaplin silent movie "The Kid."

His parents and his older best friend were attacked and taken by coyotes and he was bit twice but survived. He was all alone in this World and had no one. He would cry out to me repeatedly as I walked by an abandoned house he was hanging out at under a trailer. I took him to the Vet and had his wounds worked on and got him some antibiotics. He is doing better and eating well and loves to play. He is very kind, sweet, silly and whip smart. 

My cat Marmalade departed 13 weeks yesterday. He adored kittens and was always kind to them, even those he did not sire in the cat colony that he was the KING of in New Mexico where I first met him. I think he would have gotten a kick out of KID.

I hope you continue to heal and feel better.

Kind regards,
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