Matzi was a wonderful cat and I am missing him like crazy. He was a affectionate cat and to be we with be often. It's hard not seeing him next to me in bed when I go to sleep. Or on my lap giving him belly rubs. It actually hurts not seeing him, and I know it will take time but it is so hard right now.
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Dani - I'm so sorry that Matzi has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  I know what you mean when you say that it actually hurts.  My heart was broken, when my Winnie passed away on Thursday, and I could truly feel the ache and pain inside where my heart is.  I miss Winnie so much that I sometimes don't think I can stand it . . . but I know that I have to, and that someday I will be smiling again, and remembering all the happy years we had together.

I hope that you'll begin to feel better soon.  I'll be thinking about you, and all the other wonderful people on this message board, who are suffering the loss of their pets.

 (Winnie was also a golden orange and white tabby, who looked exactly like Matzi.  I'm going to try to post a picture of him, as soon as I figure out how.)  
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