My Jack Russel Terrier, Koty turned 16 on 11/12/2019. He was by my side since he was 9 weeks old and with me during most of my adult life. He developed a skin disorder after his last round of vaccinations in September that wouldn't heal and became more aggressive and uncomfortable for him. I suspect it was cancer, but by the time the vet realized it was serious, the testing would have been even more uncomfortable and painful for him, and I didn't want to put him through that. Even though he lost most of his hearing and eyesight, he still had days where he acted like a puppy. This made the decision even more difficult. During his last week, he fell off the bed twice and I feared that an emergency was right around the corner. On December 30th, 2019, my furbaby took his last breath in my arms. I felt the moment his little heart stopped beating. I struggle daily with guilt because when the vet was here to euthanize, I didn't realize how quickly the first step of the process would affect him. I don't know if he actually heard me say goodbye. I struggle with wondering if I made the right decision with the timing or it was too soon.... but I wanted him to pass with dignity and for it to not be a stressful/painful event for him. I love him so much and miss my boy every day. I am really hoping that there is a place called Rainbow Bridge and that he is there waiting for me. Feeling that I will see him again one day, brings some comfort but it's so hard.
Amber Aronow
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I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Koty.

He looks adorable! I like his specs! Jack Russell's are characters, such great personalities.

It is very hard when our beloved pets fall ill & because they cannot tell us anything it makes us feel so helpless, therefore the whole situation becomes very frustrating & a heartbreaking experience to say the least.. You loved Koty & did your best for him. I totally understand when you said 'it made the decision even more difficult' when he was 'acting like a puppy' some days, as my Chihuahua who was sick had some days which lead to confusion over the euthanasia decision. Please don't be hard on yourself about not realizing how quickly the 1st step of the process, you were not to know. When 'Daisy' was given euthanasia I couldn't absorb everything my vet was telling me. I'd never been through it before & her eyes were still open when she passed & I didn't even know that they sometimes remain opened. You said you don't know whether your boy heard you say goodbye, I have those exact same thoughts too, but I have heard that when we die, our hearing is the last thing to go so it is very likely that Koty heard your voice which would have been a comfort to him. He is at peace and it is an act of love what you did. He had a loving mummy & you & he were very blessed to have found one another.

Sending you comfort & Peace.

Daisy's mummy 
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Thank you so much for your kind words. Koty was my first experience with euthanasia as well. The vet explained what was going to take place, but I guess I didn't absorb it until it was too late, as I was so overwhelmed and anxious at that point and trying to remain strong for Koty.

I'm so sorry that you went through a similar experience with your sweet Daisy. I too hope you find comfort and peace in the memories of the special bond you shared. 

Sending hugs to you.

Koty's mom
Amber Aronow
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Dear Amber, sending sympathy and condolences on the loss of your beautiful boy, Koty.  That is such an adorable pic and you can just tell what a great soul he is. ❤ I have a soft spot for Jack Russell's as I'd always get stopped walking my boy and asked if he had this breed in him (chihuahua mix).  They are such fun and energetic breeds.

It's so painful. You've built 16 yrs together and while that sounds like a long time, it's not long enough and goes by in a blink of an eye.  I'm sorry he had a reaction to a vaccine.  My boy passed at 15 and health deteriorated at 13 with onset of a heart condition in my belief brought on by vaccines.  

I too thought the end was quick and did not expect it, but thankfully it was as some here have not had good experiences.  Fortunately we did and they say 'a week too early is better than a day too late'.  It's pure agony for us but we always try to do what's best for them. Sending big hugs your way. XO
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You will see him again one day Amber...he is always with you he loved you very much and he knows how much you loved him.

You had sixteen years of devoted love...and your memories of him are priceless.

Take Care 

Ellen x
Ellen Hague
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