I still can’t believe Thatcher is no longer here. It’s been almost 2 months and I still feel awful. Some days are better than others. But I just feel so empty all the time.
The constant reminders are everywhere. Today I was putting some things away and out falls a brand new paw cleaner I bought for him. That I never got to use. I’m grateful I had 8 years to spend with him!
Cecelia Thatcher’s Mom
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Hi Cecelia,

Like so many others here I can totally relate with you and your feelings. It was 9 weeks for me yesterday since my boy Marmalade departed. I too "feel so empty all the time." "The constant reminders are everywhere" for me too. So much so, that some I am afraid to even touch them to pack them up, I am afraid to even see them again. I know they are there, and I avoid looking at them. I had bought my Marmalade a new scratching post that he never got to us. I am going to donate it to a local stray cat rescue facility, but even that makes me sad to think about.

I only got around 4.2 years with my boy, for around 3 1/2 years we were very close. But I thanked God for the time we WERE allotted every single night in my prayers.

Kind regards & XO,
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Hi James,
I took am very thankful to have had the privilege of having Thatcher . I never wanted a pet, and as I said before ( I think I did) I was suppose to watch him for two weeks which turned into 8 years. I am so grateful to learn what it means to be a pet owner. As much as it hurts and I feel like I will never be myself again. I’d do it all over to be with Thatcher. I guess I never realized how much my life revolved around him. We did so much together. I don’t have children and my husband and I have different schedules so I was thatcher’s primary caregiver. I was never alone. And now I’m so lonely for him. I guess like everyone says we will heal, but it sure does not feel like it when I come home- I can’t wait to leave the house and I hate coming home to an empty one. Even when my husband is home. It’s just not the same.
Thanks for your kind words all the time. I do appreciate them and I really wish I could take your pain away too. But like you said I’m grateful and thank God for the time we had together!
Hang In there James! I truly don’t know what to say to everyone on this site because we are all feeling the same pain. In time I guess!
All the best!
Thatcher’s mom
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Dear Cecelia, My deepest condolences on the loss of Thatcher. I love how you said that two weeks turned into 8 years and you got to know the love and friendship of a special dog. He’s very handsome just looking at his picture. Thank you for sharing him with us. I would be happy to hear more about him when you’re ready. I know your heart is breaking. Two months is still a very short time. Wishing you peace.
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He looks like a wonderful dog. As brokenhearted as I am that you said goodbye to him far too soon, I am so happy that you had eight loving years with him. I understand that you feel awful, and I feel awful that the two of you no longer have each other. The hard part of integrating pets into our lives is that the "reminders" linger on and can make the pain more intense. Please know that whenever I see a paw cleaner, I will think of Thatcher. He will live on for me and my life will be better for it, just as he made your life better by being your companion.
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