Last Friday,5/6/16, I held my sweet DZLs head and told him how much he was loved and what a great dog he was and prayed that he is at peace on the Rainbow Bridge with his brother that passed unexpectedly 2yrs. ago! He would of been 11y/o on 9/20.
When I left a 35yr marriage in 2007, my 3 Black Labs were all I cared about taking with me. THEY kept me sane,focused. Both brothers died unexpectedly and too young. DZL was my shadow and ALWAYS with me! I MISS him SO MUCH! I think he was the final connection from my past. My heart aches and tears keep flowing. I know it was the right thing to do, he'd been so sick with Diabetes and lost 20 lbs in 2 months. I STILL feel overwhelmed and lost without him.
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I am so so sorry for your loss.  Our companions are more than friends, they are often our confidantes, our strength and our unconditional and unrelenting supports.  They fill our hearts and then when gone our hearts are just empty.   Life has changed and it should be changed without your faithful friend - he was a critical member of the family.  Let the tears flow and the grief come - it will anyway . . .Come here often - there are wonderful kind and supportive people here to listen.  DZL runs with his brother - and you took on his pain so he would have none. - someone else on this forum said this and I think it is such a beautiful way of looking at the circumstances we find ourselves in.  Your sacrifice gave DZL a chance to be at peace and in comfort.  Warm thoughts.
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CKMP........Thank you so very, very much! THAT is a wonderful sentiment about taking away DZL'S pain.
I'm sorry.....this was a much longer post and TWICE I have tried to finish.
Regardless.........Bless you for the kind words
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so sorry for the passing of your DZL, and the hardest thing is to let go, and free them from their pain. You were with your baby til the end and yes, now at peace at the Rainbow Bridge frolicking around with  his brother and having a great time. Please know the grieving path is a hard one, I am sure you know that, so feel your feelings, cry, scream etc...its all normal. Heck, I lost my dog Munki who was almost 14 years old back in Dec and i still cry each day, she was my baby and I miss her sooooo
much. I talk to her every day, i have her fur in a saran wrap, a paw print, her ashes, her sludgy blanket that she slept on (now i sleep with it nightly, not ready to wash it just yet).... Please know you are not alone and someday you and DZL will be reunited...


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Thank you Camunki.
I know what you mean. This is the first time since 1972 that I haven't had, not one, but ALWAYS had THREE! EXCEPT for DZL and Dodge(his litter mate) the dogs always found me and all had forever homes with me!!!
Dogs seem to find me and I have a feeling THAT is how my next fur pup will come around. Not looking to get a puppy.....I want to (eventually) give an older dog a home full of love!
Bless you and your memories! They are in our lives for a minute, BUT locked in our hearts FOREVER
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I am so sorry you lost your beautiful DZL! From reading your post it is obvious what a close bond you shared and I can really sympathize with how much pain you are feeling. I did everything with Bailey when my husband was at work and we always shared an incredible bond, from the minute I saw him.. I honesty didn't know how I would survive when he left and I shudder when I think of those first weeks and months afterward (so I wish that there was more that I could say to help.) We had to let him go on Nov. 10/15, but as you said so beautifully, they are locked in our hearts forever.
I wrote to Bailey in a journal after he left and am still working on a scrapbook for him as I never want to forget him. It made me feel closer to him. I hope you find things to help with your grief and as you said, maybe someday another little pup or a dog who hasn't had a good life, will be lucky enough to find their way into yours. Meanwhile this is a good place to come as we all understand the love shared with our friends and the devastation of losing them. Sometimes it helps just knowing that others really do understand what you are feeling.
Wishing you peace and brighter days ahead!
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Thanks MJ. You sound like a lady with the same BIG HEART for our sweet friends, as I have.
There have been dogs in my life since 1972 and each and every one has an imprint on my soul. Whether they came as puppies or an older dog someone gave up, they all were loved and lived with love until that sad day they had to be allowed to stop suffering and die with dignity.
I kept DZL'S collar,tags and his Therapy Animal vest. The bandanas, food, treats,even his Insulin, I wanted a needy dog to have, so my vet was kind enough to make that possible.
I must say.....this forum is SO HELPFUL!! You wonderful, compassionate people, REALLY DO HELP with dealing with the heartache!
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        I read your first post and feel so very sorry for your loss of DZL.  I have a black Lab now and all that you wrote touches my heart deeply. It is obvious that DZL was a very close companion for you and I can relate to that. I lost my forever canine, a Chocolate Lab named Coco, on December 7th 2014. Her loss was unexpected as she was a mature 10 yrs old yet fit and active. She was diagnosed with bone cancer after a terrible limp and 3 weeks later I had to let her go. I was an empty nester at the time and her passing threw me into one of the worst grievous times of my life. I found this forum and I cannot even begin to say how very much it helped me.
           Four month's after Coco's passing I adopted Rudy, a black Lab, that had spent his first 9 month's of life in shelters. He is with me now and having him in my life has given me a renewed hope and purpose. He will never replace Coco yet I adopted him in part to honor the life I had with her.
             I am so sorry that you have lost all of your beloved Labradors. I understand how they must have kept you grounded. After all, they do have many needs that just demand our time and attention. Yet what we get back from them simply cannot be replaced. Such loyalty, devotion, pure love! 
            You are not alone here and I hope that you find comfort, healing and peace in the days ahead. Your DSL sounds so special.......Know that my girl Coco was at the Bridge to welcome your precious boy.........Please take care of yourself and reach out, anytime!...............Sincerely, Andrea.
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