I've been looking for somewhere to grieve and can I just say by reading everything on here I know I'm not alone?

Let me give you a little background, I'm a 21 year old female, I live on the east coast of Florida 5 days out of the week with my Mom, 91 year old Grandfather and the two Pomeranians; Roxy and Niles, and 2 days out of the week I live on the west coast of Florida with my boyfriend and my 2 chihuahuas; Brady and Devin, who travel with me back and forth and are my little men. About a year ago my Mom got diagnosed with Mutiple Sceroicis, which was one of the hardest things we've ever had to hear. In about April our friend who breeds yorkies told my Mom "Daisy is pregnant and one of the puppies is yours." Our first thoughts were 4 dogs in one house for a majority of the week did not sound like a good idea but then our friend explained that dogs help comfort people with MS. My Mom and I aren't super religious but we both saw this as a sign. The yorkie puppies were born on Mother's Day (5/12/13) and a week later we could go see them. We got the runt of the litter who we named Theodora, Teddy for short, (although she much preferred to be called Bebe) and over the next 8 weeks we went over there every week so she could get to know us. We took her home and she instantly became the little princess of the house in everyone's eyes.

Last Wednesday (August 28th) I came home with my boys from my west coast weekly trip. Normally the second that I walk through the door I have Roxy, Niles and Teddy all waiting by the gate that blocks the front door (Teddy usually squeezes through the gate since she was only 2 pounds.) But this day it was only Niles and Roxy. I go to my Mom's bedroom and she tells me that Teddy hasn't been acting like herself and threw up a little bit last night before dinner but still ate a little dinner. Seeing as we have all the fur babies that we have we figured since she's a baby and she got ahold of something she shouldn't have and a little R&R would help her. We put her in her little blanket on the couch next to my Grandpa, which is where she was every day when she wasn't beating up her chihuahua brothers, and left for work. We came home and she still wasn't doing good at all. I put her near the water bowl so she could get a drink, which she did. We gave her a few minutes on the ground and she threw up everything she had just drank. We called her vet's office and it was 5:30 and they don't close until 6:00, they said rub maple syrup on her gums so her blood sugar doesn't drop and we'll see her in the morning. We begged them to let us bring her in that night but the vet said it was too late. As time went on she started dry heaving worse and worse so I went online to one of those ask the vet websites, paid the $38 and he told me she had an upper respiratory infection. I knew that wasn't true so after having put her condition on Facebook a friend said give her Gatorade. We gave her Gatorade all night long but she still was dry heaving and throwing up a white mucusy foam. The next morning as we were getting ready I looked at her blanket and saw a little blood. I immediately told my Mom and we checked her butt, sure enough it was coming from there.

We get to the Vet's office 15 minutes early and they still let us in, we told them all the symptoms and the tech said I'm gonna start to run a Parvo test. 10 minutes later the vet walks in and starts checking her and then looks at the test and confirms it is Parvo. They tell us everything they will have to do and how much it will all cost. After they put the IV in and started the medicine my Mom asked "Is there a good chance she's going to make it?" They said her chances are good as long as we do all of this. We put down the deposit and we leave. We called that night and the Vet said how she was more alert and she kept down the food that they gave her so her chances were getting higher and to call back in the morning. We went home that night and bleached the entire house from top to bottom.

The next morning when we called they put us through to the Vet Tech and the male Vet (which was the one who wouldn't see her Wednesday night) the tech said how she was afraid to walk knto the room this morning because she thought she'd find her dead, but she didn't. She found lots of blood. The Vet said to call later for an update because the blood was still normal since it was only day 2. After the praying all day long my Mom called for the report, the Vet said there is a 90% chance she'll be home on Monday. That was the best news we had heard. And not only on top of that but we could come see her in the morning! I rebleached all of the couch's that night just to make sure everything was clean since the baby was coming home on Monday.

The next morning we got there around 9:30 and they let us in the side door closest to her. They told us we could stand at the door frame but couldn't go in there to hold her. I asked if they could put me in one of there throw awaysuits but they said no still. We stood at the door frame and talked to her, her favorite name to be called was "Bebe" so the minute I said that she hobbled over to the edge of the cage and cried for me. Of course at this point I start crying and I tell her "Don't worry Bebe, Mommy will hold you Monday and I'll never let you go." Which at that point the male Vet says (while not looking us in the eye) "Yeah, well, um, she threw up just a little bit last night so I'm thinking more along the lines of Tuesday." We agreed with him and asked him since he was the one checking on her the next morning, which was Sunday, if he would call and let us know how she was. He said he would.

The next morning at about 9:30 is when my heart broke, my Mom recieved the phone call and thinking it was an update said Hi to the Doctor and asked how she was. From what I understand he said "I have some bad news" and then I heard my Mom start repeatedly saying no, no, no. She asked him how could she go from doing so good to passing away and his only answer was sometimes this happens. He said at 12am when he checked on her she was fine but when he got there around 6am, she was gone.

We made the plans for her to be cremated and then had to go explain to my Grandfather, who we had been giving the updates to everyday, how his little princess had passed away. My Grandfather was a thoroughbred horse trainer and owner for many years and if a horse got hurt he could put them down without even batting an eye, when my Grandmother passed he was upset but didn't cry once, but a little 2 pound yorkie passes away and I saw my Grandfather cry for the first time. He said to me "This is the worst thing that could have possibly happened. Every morning when I got up she was waiting by my door for me." It took him 91 years to find the love of his life.

My Mom got attached to her when she told me to take my boys only over to the other coast, she slept with my Mom every night. They had an unmistakable bond that had formed in such a short amount of time. She made my Mom feel better in some ways I think. She had mind of her own though. If she wanted to get out of bed she would bark at you until you put her down. If she wanted to get back in bed, she'd bark at you until you put her back in bed. If I was still sleeping at 7:00am when she woke up (which most normal 21 year olds are) she would bark at me until I rolled over and picked her up for her morning bebe kisses. If I was playing Xbox at night and she wasn't ready to go to bed, she would tell me to pick her up and put her up there, then she would proceed to throw herself on my controller so I would pay attention to her. Like I said she had a mind of her own and what a personality.

We are all mourning the loss of our sweet little bebe. It's harder because they told us she was going to make it. A website that I came across and told all of this to said that when she threw up that night before the Vet knew the Parvo was too far gone and he should have given us the option to put her to sleep while we were holding her that morning. I'd like to blame the Vet for not taking her Wednesday night or even for not telling how bad it was but God works in mysterious ways. I believe that she was needed at Rainbow Bridge for my Grandmother. My Grandmother loved petting soft, furry animals. I know she's one of my angels in heaven now.

I read everyone's stories on here about losing there pets that they've had for years and I feel like I have no right to complain since she had only been in my life for 16 short weeks. But in that short amount of time she became such a huge part of my heart.

Thanks for reading this,

"I will always remember the puppy who has taught me that not all relationships are meant to last forever. Sometimes, just an hour is enough to touch your heart."

"I will always remember the puppy who has taught me that not all relationships are meant to last forever. Sometimes, just an hour is enough to touch your heart."
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I am so very sorry for the loss of your sweet baby Princess Bebe.

She is so beautiful and precious!!

Love is not measured in length of days but by the depth of Love.

Grief is awful and there is nothing else like this pain.

I am divorced - when I was married I buried my son- at that time I became a Certified Grief Counselor- I used the same graveside service for my Bear as I did for my son.

Please know that when we lose someone we love we don't stop loving them -


The soul bound connection that is between our babies and ourselves is forever.

Nothing - not death- tears -grief - or sadness will ever break the ties between us for those ties are made of LOVE so strong that NOTHING will ever sever those connections.


When we grieve for those we love it is because we do not quite know how to live without them. We breathe because we have no choice but the living part takes a huge amount of learning and time.

Grief is not something we get over but something that we learn -slowly- over time- to incorporate into our lives until it becomes a part of us like our bones and our breath.

Please know that we all understand here and we are all here for you.

We are all in this together and all walking the same roller coaster path of grief together -

some a bit ahead of you, some by your side, and some will come behind for you to help along.

You Are In My Thoughts.                                      


Please do not get another puppy from the same breeder or place (you can even report them as it is not legal to do what they did- it is neglect to not get proper puppy care) - puppies MUST see a vet every 2 weeks from the time they are 3 weeks old to make sure that they have all of the proper vet care and shots on schedule. This prevents parvo entirely. Your breeder friend is not taking proper care of her dogs. I am so terribly sorry that you and your family had to go though this.
We are ALL here for you.

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We actually found out the truth on Teddy. The night she died the Vet Tech took her vitals and then took it upon herself to take out the IV and to leave Teddy there. No one went in at midnight to go check on her. They lied to us completely and my bebe should have been home instead of in a box.

"I will always remember the puppy who has taught me that not all relationships are meant to last forever. Sometimes, just an hour is enough to touch your heart."
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I'm so sorry to read everything you wrote, AlexxApplePiee.  Your loss is bringing me to tears.  And I'm so angry at that vet tech on your behalf. I really don't know what else to say.  Just know you are not alone if you need to talk or anything.
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Thank you very much. My Father is a K-9 deputy for our county so we are doing everything we can do. I'm completely devastated and trying everything I can to get justice for my bebe.

"I will always remember the puppy who has taught me that not all relationships are meant to last forever. Sometimes, just an hour is enough to touch your heart."
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I'm so sorry you went through this tragedy.  I want you to know that I would have felt no less pain had I lost my precious Nipper during his first year with me than I am feeling now after 14 years.  I guess some animals just have that something special and you bond instantly and completely.  I've had other pets but none stole my heart away as Nipper did.  Peace be with you and I hope you get justice for your darling Bebe.  She was such a little princess.
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