Hi,l'm new to this site. I made the decision to have my gorgeous black labrador Holly put to sleep nearly 4wks ago & I can't stop feeling guilty. Deep down I know I did the right thing, she couldn't get up on her own & she didn't seem happy, but I can't shift this feeling & the house is so empty. I will be getting another puppy, but a different colour & I know Holly would like that, just feel so sad & guilty.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. These feelings you have a natural, but you have no need to feel guilty. It sounds like your poor Holly's quality of life was deteriorating, and that you did the best thing by letting her pass before her suffering became unbearable.

You've suffered a terrible loss and trauma. Take comfort here in this forum, with others who understand.

A new puppy will never replace your beloved holly but may well fill the hole in your heart with a new and different love.

It's only been 2 days since I lost my darling Pippa and I feel like my world will never be right again. I know that time is a healer, but rights now the pain is overwhelming.

I hope that you find a way to cope with your loss and find peace in your heart. Your Holly was very lucky to have such a loving human xxxx
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Thank you & I 'm very sorry for your loss too. I'm a widow & live on my own. Holly was born the same day that my husband died, it seemed as if she was meant to be mine. I had her for just over 12yrs & she was everything to me, but I can't live in an empty house. Holly was a black lab, so I 'm going to get a golden labrador. She will never replace Holly but I hope she can make it easier for me. I hope you get through your sad time & that I hear from you again xx Dor
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Dear Dor 
When I lost my precious Cat
Buttons after 15 years right
away I adopted Maya.

Maya also a Cat helped
heal the hurt and sorrow
that I also a widow living
alone suffered from.

Yet,the bad part is that
I lost Maya too and I
most likely will adopt
another Cat to help
me over losing Maya


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