Seems I'm missing My Winston more these last few days.  I'ts just so darn quiet in OUR house!. I bring his "box" in every room i'm in.  He always followed me into every room. I place him in the spot where he always laid in each room.  I'm not remembering a lot these days, But Boy, do I remember EVERY detail of "THAT" day :(((.  Flashbacks happen often. Good and Bad. I see his Beautiful face everywhere. When Winston was a puppy........up until He was maybe 5 months old, I considered giving him up, because he was so Hyper and a little viscous.  He would bite me often (he had a thing about feet, he would Latch on and his Jaws would Lock)  We took him to personal trainers and obedience school.  Which did little, lol. When I say WE, I mean My boyfriend whom I lived with in Georgia, bought him for me, for protection,( because I went through a w/shield of a car.  And was severly Injured. After 3 weeks in a Virginia Hospital, I went back to Georgia to recover.)And I would be alone and sick in the house all day while he worked.  Make a long story short, My boyfriend died suddenly.  After a couple of months I drove 23 hours non stop back to Mass. With a U-Haul, with Winston. (and my other dog Max). I thank God everyday I NEVER gave Winston up!!!!!!!! My Love for him Grew and Grew each day. From that point on Winston became my LIFE and MY LOVE. To this day that remains the same.  LOVE and MISS you My BIG BABY BOY.  Mommy XOXOXO That goes for you too my Little Boy MAX XOXO
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Susan, you`ve been through so much pain in your life, and Winston was by your side throughout, along with your other dog Max.   I think this is why we form such strong and powerful connections with our dogs - they`re always by our side whatever life throws at us. They never judge us, and the only thing they want from us is to be loved, which they return 1000%.  In a way, when we lose them, it brings back all the memories that we shared with them, both good and bad.      When we lost Jim it brought back memories of my dad who died 7 years ago, as dad and Jim had a very close bond - dad looked after Jim while we were in work and they were inseparable. 
 Winston will always be with you, I am sure we will be reunited with then one day. Until then, I`m pretty much doing the same as you - Jim`s ashes stay on his cushion during the day then, then when we go to bed, they come upstairs with us and stay on the dressing table. 
             Hugs to you, Jackie.
J Taylor
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Dear Susan,
I just read your story and I am so sorry about Winston. I, too, am so glad you didn't give him up. Instead you forged an incredible bond with your boy. You were lucky to have each other and I am so sorry you lost him! Please take good care of yourself.
Hugs to you!
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Hi Susan,
You have been through so much: the accident, your boyfriend dying and now... Your beloved Winston!
I read somewhere that if you go through a trauma with your pet it makes that bond even stronger. So you really did lose your best friend. Winston seems like such an adorable dog! I still miss Bailey every day so I really sympathize as your loss is so fresh and I know it is so very painful!
Thinking of you and wishing you peace!
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My condolences on the loss of your precious Winston! So nice to read about the special love you shared!
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Hi Susan,

I am so, so sorry for the loss of your handsome Winston, the pain and heartache you are feeling is so new and so raw, it takes time Susan, baby steps is all we can hope for at this time.
Continue to take Winston's box with you to each room, take it wherever you chose to go, I find having Bella's urn with me all the time gives me comfort, so do what you need to do Susan, do anything and everything you need to help mend this broken heart of yours...but remember, it takes time, don't try to push or rush yourself, it is a process for grief, grieving has no time limit so there is no rush Susan.
Honor Winston, talk to him, tell him you love him...he hears you still, he is still with you, his love surrounds you Susan...I know it isn't the same as having him there in person, but he is there, so let him know how much you love him and think of him and especially bring his box and spirit with you everywhere you go, hold him close to your heart and never let him leave your thoughts...

May the beautiful memories of your handsome Winston help mend your heart and takes time rush....
Thank you for your post on Bella's thread, it is so nice to hear from you.
Sending positive healing thoughts your way.

Sincerely, Don & Vera

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