Had a pretty awful weekend- the grief just overwhelmed me. My husband and I ended up in an argument because he feels I should be moving on and accepting it, he doesn't feel a need to talk about her or cry, but I really really do. The intensity of my feelings is overwhelming and I so want to start feeling better. I am at the stage where I desperately want to get another fur friend, but husband is adamant that he doesn't want another, it's alright for him, he's not the one at home in an empty house. Do I just go ahead and ignore him, But then would that be fair on the new dog? How do you know when the time is right?

My heartfelt sympathies and love go out to everyone who has lost a fur baby.

Marion/Lulu's Mummy
Lulu's mummy
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Hi Marion.

Sorry for your loss. I recently lost my cat Buster to renal failure nearly two weeks ago.

I was tearful on friday night and me and my partner nearly fell out because he suggested I needed to ahem deal with it. I was furious as I had only been without Buster for a week then. I'm not sure where that came from - it could have been because he was tired and didn't have the resources to comfort me or whether he was just being a bit of a man and struggling to deal with out pourings of tears etc.

I guess what I'm saying is do you think your husbandis geniuine in his opinion that he doesn't want another pet or do you think he is just maybe having an adverse reaction to your grief ?. If so maybe its worth waiting for a bit and asking him again. After all he loved Lulu too right ?.

With much sympathy.

Sarah xx
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