I'm writing about my 15 year old dog that I just had put to sleep 4 days ago and I am beyond devasted with his loss. Miles had always been in good health, but late march I started to notice weakness in his hind legs, and as time went on I noticed him pacing back and forth and night and seemed very restless. I took him to the vet for a checkup and the vet said he had bad arthritis and that Es causing the weakness in hind legs and he sent us off with the medication, one day in the car he looked very out of it like he was dying or something so we went home and I gave him a nice massage like I always had to relax him. He started to fall when I took him out to pee and poop and just seemed to be getting a little worse, he also had been loosing weight yet still tying to eat and drink, I took him back the the vet 4 days ago and the vet did a exam and said his lymph nodes under his jaw and groin were very swollen and she sad it was probably cancer!!! No blood work no nothing. I felt so overwhelming with everything that was going on with my dog that he was just going to keep going down him so I agreed to put him down! I feel so devastated , angry and hurt right now. Did I do the wrong thing? Should have I demanded bloodwork and more test? I feel so guilty, I feel like I gave up on the dog who was there for me through everything. I'm sorry for going on and on but I need med to talk , does anyone feel this way
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You did the right thing.  My 15 year old cat was put down today.  Only 6 days ago she had labored breathing.  Took her in and got the xrays and bloodwork, but it didn't change the fact that she was suffering.  Fluid in her chest, strange lump under her arm (maybe cancer), at least two strokes.  I asked myself the same questions.  I couldn't watch my beautiful girl suffer and struggle with breath anymore.  I know I did the right thing.  I did it before complete respiratory failure, before a 3:00 in the morning emergency where she wouldn't stop coughing, before we had to scramble and rush and scare her even more. You did the right thing.
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I know how you feel second guessing everything. Monday, I had to help my precious Nunu to cross that rainbow bridge. It was the hardest decision ever. He had been my baby puppy for 20 years but time was catching up with him. He lost his hearing, his vision and then his mobility started to suffer. His right back leg no longer functioned as it should and the other 3 weren't strong enough to function correctly without the fourth. He would take a few steps, fall, regroup and try again. He was strong. He never let anything stop him. It is definitely not an easy decision. But, we do it out of love for them. We take on our pain of grieving to relieve them of the pain and suffering they would have endured. Miles is looking down and he sees your grief and he knows how much you loved him, truly loved him. He wants you to have no regrets because he is at peace and I know he and Nunu are enjoying running and playing in good health in the boundless meadows in Heaven. 
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