It's been 72 hours since I held my beautiful nearly 16 year cat in my arms for the very last time. I cannot believe she isn't here with me anymore. I can't even clean where she slept and ate. Not even the litter box. I feel like I am erasing her and I can't bear it. Everyone tells me that I'm not erasing her because I still have my memories. I understand that, but how can I move on without her. She was sick for 2.5 months so I had time to absorb it. It still hurts so bad. I can't stop thinking about those last moments with her. The horrible feeling I felt when the in home euthanasia vet knocked on the door. Why can't they live longer? It doesn't seem fair to only get them for this long. 
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Im sorry Blue. I too have not moved a single thing-the water is still in Chloe's bowls. Hugs. Julie.x
Being without you takes a lot of getting used to.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, I know it hurts so much doesn't it?  It's been just over 7 months since my boy passed away, he was 16/17 and I still miss him so much it hurts.  I've kept all his personal items such as his blankets, his eating bowls, his catnip.  I talk to him every day and keep his ashes on the bed cos that's where he always slept with me.  The last year before Miz Cat left me felt like a video on fast forward, one minute he was my lovely furry purry happy boy and then the next he just declined so fast, losing weight etc due to his kidney disease.  I really wanted him to live longer too, it is so unfair isn't it?  It will take a bit of time to get used to being without your baby, it is a big loss in your life.  Everyone on this forum understands what you are going through, it is a good place to come and I found it helped me to get through my grief.  Look after yourself and my thoughts are with you.
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Dear Blue,
I just wanted to add my condolences on the loss of your beloved cat. I also think it is so unfair that we can only have our wonderful friends with us for such a short time. Take Care!
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Blue, I am so sorry for your loss.  Its so hard removing all their things - we lost our 17 year old dog just over 6 months ago, I still keep his basket underneath our bed, his toys are still in the hall.  I couldn`t even hoover the car for 3 months as its as you say - it feels like we`re removing the fact that they were ever here with us.  But it will slowly get a little better for you - I now look back and am so grateful for all the years we shared with him , but those first few days and weeks are very, very hard. Take care.

                                                                     Hugs, Jackie
J Taylor
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