Today marks week two of Abby's passing and we are missing her so very much.  She was the the happiest girl and brought so much joy to our home.  Her brother Angus, her dad and I feel such an empty place in our heart and home.  There are days when I feel so much guilt for her happened so quickly, one day she was a healthy and happy little girl and then she got sick...we took her to the vet and they did tests and gave us medicine...we did want we were told to do...she didn't get better so we took her to another vet clinic..we did what they told us to didn't and her little body and heart just got tired. Making the ultimate decision to let her go was so very hard and today I question did I do enough...could I have done something differently...did she know how much we loved her.  The guilt and the grief are overwhelming.  I think of myself as a strong person but since Abby's passing I don't feel so strong.  I want to make sure her brother knows how important he is to us and to love him without overprotecting him.  I guess it is one day at a time.

My sweet Abby, we love you, we miss you and we look forward to seeing you again!!!

Love Mom, Dad and Angus
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My heart breaks for your loss of your sweet baby Abby. When I read your words about 'I think of myself as a strong person', it hit home. I use to feel the same way, and I was strong. But the loss of my two best friends and my little heart dog broke me apart. The 'strongness' just left me that day, I was never ready for this journey and had no idea how difficult it would be. It revealed a lot about myself that I never knew before, and showed me what true grief can be like. It was a lesson I never wanted to learn but I am a much better person today, that was the gift my little friends gave me as they left. I honor them every day, I'm much more sympathetic towards others grief and I know what true, pure love is like. I love the following quote 'Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened'. I am changed, I am different, I am better having known them. I pray for peace and comfort for your journey.

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