I wish... The words I wake up to, after work and running errands. Nov 10th I took my beloved to his fab park . He never left left my arms he just took in the moment. I know he was giving me a special moment. We drove to the vet, the last voice he heard was you are my sunshine. Max was 17yr old rattle. I could not let him suffer yet my selfish heart continues to whisper I wish...The night and waking take me a moment yet after work and weekends are heartwrenching. Max comforted me especially the last 5yrs of caretaking of ill mom, siblings needing help, stressful work and keeping me socially active. When my mom is unbearable he would sit at her bedroom door and let me refresh. I did join a gym yet my inner light is dim. I wish....
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Patsy, I'm so sorry for your loss of Max, I love ratties. My wife's cousin had one and he was so much fun to be around. Your words are heartbreaking, but your love for Max gave you the strength to do what you knew to be best and to take on the grief and pain for Max. The emptiness is difficult, coming home, the broken routines, it all is a struggle to get through. You mentioned the comfort that Max gave you as you dealt with all the problems that life can throw at us. I think that is the thing I miss the most, the comfort and love they give to us. They can get us through even the most difficult days. I want you to know that the forum can be a wonderful place to share your journey, your story of Max, when you feel up to it. So many people here know what you are going through and can offer so much help. Blessings to you, and prayers.
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Dear Patsy, After 17 years, of course you wish that Max was still here, still with you. As Charlie said, the comfort they give us is simply amazing. You also gave him your love and comfort too especially when he needed it most. You took him to the park before going to the vet and then let him go while telling him he was your sunshine. I'm sure he knew that but reading those words you said to him at the very end brought tears to my eyes. You have so much love in your heart for Max it pours out and is anything but selfish. I'm so sorry for your loss Patsy!
Hugs to you,
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