Today marks 1 month since our girl left and I am just as devastated today as I was a month ago.  Grief overwhelms me at the most inopportune times, like work meetings or grocery shopping.  I truly do not know what to do to ease this constant pain I feel.
I am equally thankful and sadden by the constant reminders her brother gives me that she's still with us.  He now give us kisses; when he never did before. He also, lays in our spot when we get out of bed, just like Anne did.  
I don't think that getting another dog, right now, is the answer because I would only compare then to Anne.  What I want is my girl back. I know that is not possible, but I keep wishing I would wake up from this nightmare.  Anne long legs.jpg
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I am so, so sorry, RedboneMom, for your devastating loss of Anne. What a beautiful girl!

I hear my own voice echoing in your post. I've said so many times that I want mine back. I think it's natural for our hearts to rage against what happened and to protest deeply and strongly. It is all just so hard.

I really hope talking here and understanding that others feel much the same as you will bring some consolation. In early stages, it does feel like very little helps. But I think that is normal, considering what we've gone through. It's rotten.

Hoping things start to ease soon for you.
-Missing Marissa deeply
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I'm sorry Redbone's Mom, this kind of loss is so very difficult to handle. It is still very early for you in your journey. I remember for a very long time I could not go down the 'pet isle' at my local grocery, I still have trouble doing that. I sounds like her brother is feeling the loss also, and drawing closer to you. My cat did the same thing, now he follows me everywhere I go, he never did that before. The steps to getting to a better place in your heart are so small, but each one helps. Let the tears come, the grief will do what it's going to do, hopefully, as time goes by you will feel ever so slightly better. This bond is so remarkable, I can't describe it or do it justice in words. However, the love and bond will never be broken, it is eternal, and I believe we will see them again. Blessings to you and I pray for peace and comfort.
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I am so sorry for your loss of Anne - such a beautiful girl....       It is just over 2 years since we lost our little dog, and I remember so well the feelings that you describe - absolute pain beyond belief, and at times it can feel as if it will never get better.      One month is still very early for you, and looking back I think I was in a state of shock for the first few weeks, and then reality did "kick in".    There are so many different stages of grief, but please believe me that it will slowly start getting better, and you will get to a place where you will be able to remember all the happier times shared with Anne.    It sounds like Anne`s brother is doing his very best to help you too, he must miss his sister so much...   Take care.

J Taylor
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I feel your pain, it's so overwhelming and just seeps into every part of your life.  I can relate to breaking down regardless of place, time or 'appropriateness' the waves of grief come crashing down with little warning or at the slightest thing such as someone talking about thier pet or seeing a dog walking down the street or driving past a park, shopping even eating food and not having big begging eyes fixed on you. Everything simply everything is a painful reminder but it does get better with time even though that is hard to believe but it is true so be gentle with yourself and share your pain here with people who understand.  I have pretty much rambled on endlessly about my Ava because it's truly the only way I can deal with how I'm feeling.  I've tried talking to the few friends that I have but I just start crying as soon as I try to get the words out and can't express myself in any sort of coherent way. T
Avabears mummy

'It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them, and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are.' Anon


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I’m so sorry for your loss. It is very difficult to cope, sometimes even harder than losing a human family member because of how much they give to us and depend on us. Now that my girl has gone, my other two dogs have changed their patterns a bit. They know we’re hurting and that there’s a hole, they do their best to help patch it up.

I’m trying to make out in your picture, was Anne a Vizsla or a different breed? Her coloring is beautiful...

Hang in there. It IS a very difficult time. And know that you can freely express yourself here as much as needed.
—Loving Riley, Rosy & Axl always 🐾

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So terribly sorry for your loss.  Your girl was gorgeous.  I recognize myself in your words.  I lost my Molly 3 days ago suddenly and unexpectedly and have literally been crying out "I want her back!"  I know that cannot happen, but, it helps a bit to know that others understand and feel the same way.  I'll include you in my prayers tonight as you mark this difficult anniversary.
Molly's Mom Forever

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