I apologize for not responding to a post I made a few weeks ago. My grief was so overwhelming that I needed to take a step back to figure out the best way to handle our loss.
Anne and Beau’s birthday was on 2/23 and we chose to celebrate Beau and the time we had with Anne. What a glorious 5 years we had with her!
A series of serendipitous events allowed us to open our hearts and we will be adopting a 3 year old Redbone in a few weeks.
We will NEVER be able to replace our loving, sassy Redheaded girl, but we do have hearts full of love to give another fur baby.
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I am so happy to know that you are adopting another Redbone. I would love to hear how it came about. I'm assuming that since this dog is 3 years old he/she needed a good home and as you said you have so much love to give. Wonderful!!
You're right of course; you will never replace Anne and that is as it should be but this new dog will bring you more joy and love and of course will be a very lucky dog!! Please do post an update whenever you have adopted about your new family addition.
I just edited to add that I love the post about "grief" - so very true! 💗
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Congratulations! I am thinking of adopting a little dog. I know this dog. The owners want to travel and have deciced to rehome her although I can't imagine ever doing that. I'm not sure they will actually go though with it but if they do I would take her for sure. I would like to know how it goes with your new dog!
I'm sorry about Anne and Beau. Hugs to you,
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