In a few days it will be 4 months without you. I am missing you so very much today. I miss hearing you bark as I leave for work. I miss you greeting me at the door when I come home. I miss kissing you on your little pup nose. I miss resting my hand on you as we watch TV. I miss you nudging my leg when you are ready to go to bed, the way you would lead me down the hall to bed. I miss feeling you resting against my legs as I fall asleep.
Almost 4 months later I still miss you so deeply.

Punky I am so thankful you visit me in my dreams. Sometimes it's like you are still her. The face rubs seem so real. I miss you my precious baby. I can't even express the sorrow I feel when I think of life without you.

I love you Joe Joe and Punky!! REST in Peace my sweet babies. Moma will join you both one day.

Punky 7/10/01 - 12/17/13
Joe Joe 9/11/97 - 7/11/14
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