I still miss my Hobo. It’s been a little over 4 months and our first Christmas without him. My little boy suggested we get him a gift and put it under the tree. He always loved opening his present at Christmas. So we did. But it was sad and hard and our other dog doesn’t like the squeaky toys like Hobo did. But it was the last we could do to honour him. Such a loyal dog to our family for 14 years of his 17 years on this planet.

Every time I see a butterfly I think of Hobo now. And his bowl and toy are still on the bench.

He’s in my heart and I think of him pretty much every day. I hope he is happy where he is now but I’d love him to let me know he’s okay.

One day we will meet again my little buddy 💙
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CK, your post was beautiful, it is so touching. These holidays are so difficult, I loved what your son suggested, I think that was a wonderful idea, a way to remember and honor Hobo. I know it is sad at the same time, such a mix of emotions going on. They are the most loyal ones, their love is so consistent, never wavering no matter what we are going through. There will be signs, I look for them each week. I believe they are still with us, in our heart, their spirit is eternal, their love never ends. I believe also we will be reunited again until then Hobo lives in your heart, he is beside you every day. Blessings to your family and thank you for posting. This is a wonderful place with so many people going through the same emotions, all taking it one day at a time, helping each other.
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I think your son's suggestion was so sweet, but I can see how it would bring up both happy and sad emotions. Happy that you had such a good dog for so long and you can remember that. Sorrow that he's no longer with you to celebrate. 

I want to see signs, too. Maybe we will. Either way, I'm trying to remember all the wonderful walks and cuddles and laughs and good talks we had for all those years. It was a lot of love. 
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