I lost my beautiful husky Bear October 18, 2014. He meant the world to me. The sweetest dog on the planet. From the moment I looked in his eyes, I just knew something was wrong. I wanted more days with him because I was being selfish and didn't want to let him go. Leading up until his passing, I would sit with him and talk and tell him how much I loved him. I hated to see him depressed like that so I had to make this difficult choice by having him euthanized. I caressed him all the way to the vet and the exam room from the time I left him there. My heart couldn't take it, so I decided not to see the procedure happen now I feel guilty about not being there but I know that he was taken care of. I left out of the exam room crying my eyes out and I probably scared other dog owners and I didn't mean to. My mother saw the doctor carry him to the back room and she knew by time we got Bear was gone. Cleaning his room was really hard on me. Its weird not seeing him blocking the bathroom door so we couldn't get in or him blocking my bedroom door so that way I couldn't get out lol. I will miss him being at my feet when I'm eating, him being at my side when I'm sick, him jumping on my bed and hiding up under me on 4th of July or new years eve because he was terrified of fireworks, him running to the door to meet me after hear my car alarm. ...I could go on and on about my big baby. Now the house is too quiet at night. I often have to catch myself from calling out to him....omg I miss my dog soooooo much! He is definitely irreplaceable. I love you so much Bear...please wait for me. We will meet again, I promise!
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Good morning my Bear! I slept in the living room last night and i heard noises coming from your room. I walked in hoping you'd be there but it was just the wind. I sat there for a while with your collar talking to you. I hope that you get to meet my dad up there and your little cousin. Make sure that you run and play nice with the other dogs! Im sure it is beautiful there. I love you always :)
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He is beautiful...thinking of you. Share all the stories of your boy here. Feel free to go on and on about him. It helps the soul.  Hugs to You
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What a beautiful baby!  Yes...please share!  I find as I ramble helps me.  It helps me to know there are other that feel that same...that had/have a LOVE so great...that it would be impossible not to leave such a big void.  We are here for you!

much love to you
I will always love furry son Raptor and my furry baby Zeus.  How wise you both taught me so much.  I learned that it was I, who needed you....
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What a beauty he was, what a beauty he still is. He may not be here in physical presence but he will be with you eternally in spirit. There is nothing anybody can say or do to take away the time you spent with your handsome boy, never forget that. Take one day at a time, be good to yourself and don't beat yourself up even though I know it's difficult not to. We are all on here because we have lost our babies in one way or another and we can all guide each other offering support and comfort.

I don't mind you rambling. Ramble on. It is good for the soul to let it all out, to tell anyone who is happy to listen how your wonderful pet brought joy and light to your life. I'm one of those who is happy to listen.

Take care of yourself.


“Death ends a life, not a relationship.” – Jack Lemmon

Solly, Gonzo, Daisy-Mae, Ebony, Jerry, Tigger, Bonnie, Suzy, Cleo, Spike, Sooty, and Tibby – dazzling lights that will never fade. Adored, cherished, I was privileged to know you all. Until we meet again, my beautiful babies. Bowls of love and cuddles, your ever-loving, devoted Mummy xxxxxxxxxx

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Thank you all SO MUCH!! Its good to know im not the only one who has lost a pet so so so special to them. Im 27 and he was my 1st dog ever. I dont know if I can bear getting another dog anytime soon
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Dear Bear's Mommy,
I am so sorry that you had to say goodbye to your beautiful Bear.  He is gorgeous!
I know the heartache that you are is overwhelming at times and you just can't escape it.  
As others have said, we are here to listen to your "ramblings" really does help to voice your thoughts and feelings.  I know that when I write about my gorgeous beagle, Bella, and other people are kind enough to comment and acknowledge her, it feels like I am honoring her memory and paying tribute to her (which she deserves).  We all understand what you are going through and we totally understand the depth of love you felt for Bear and the depth of grief that you are now feeling.  He is part of your family and you will love and miss him for the rest of your life, but I truly believe that one day, when our time comes, we will be reunited with them...what an amazing reunion that will be.
Until that day, keep your memories in your heart. They are yours and no-one can take them away from you.  We have been blessed to have had Bear and Bella in our lives and all we can do now is say thank you!
I wish you peace and healing.
(Bella, Charli and Buddy's very lucky mum)

My gorgeous girl, Bella  26/07/2004 - 03/04/2014
"You were once by our side, but you will be forever in our hearts. Until we meet again baby girl."
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Im so sorry to hear about your sweet baby girl Bella. She is definitely beautiful as well! And yes that would be a great reunion and I can not wait to be with him once again. Its nice that everyone on this forum is super nice and are willing to see me rambling about my Bear as I am willing to do the same. Dogs hold a very soft spot in my heart and even before Bear passed away, i would read about other people who lost their dogs and I would cry so hard because I couldn't imagine the pain they felt and I would go comfort and talk to Bear about it and now that I know the feeling.....its nice to communicate with ppl who feels like I do.

Hug to you! :)
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