On February 2nd, I had to make the decision to euthanize my 8 yr. old boxer, Hanna Marie. She began having hip problems two weeks before and went downhill quickly. I miss her terribly and feel guilty not noticing any problems sooner. I cry every day and sometimes am not sure what triggers it.
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So sorry on your loss, but absolutely no need to feel guilty. We do the very best we can with our animals, but it sometimes it is just out of our hands.  Crying is a natural response, I lost my 17 year old dog Jim 8 weeks ago, and I still wonder why I had so many good times with him, and then suddenly he was gone. Life carries on in a way, we miss them more than we can ever know, but we give them the best lives possible while they are with us.
 Hanna Marie knows that you loved her so much, and all the tears you shed now shows how much she meant to you. Its a tough journey we are all on. so many unanswered questions, the thing that stands out is our absolute belief that the bond we have with them will always be there no mater what. Its better to have loved our little friends than to never have ever had them. 

        Hugs, Jackie. x

J Taylor
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I am so sorry you lost your Boxer at such a young age.  That is tough for sure.  My daughter's family has a Boxer who is 8 now and I know they are wonderful family pets. 

It has been 9 weeks now for me and today I am still crying over my loss.  Please know that you are not alone and you can write anything here and you will meet the most wonderful people in the world.  I think we ALL manage to feel guilt in some way whether it is justified or not.  Just seems to be part of the whole awful grieving process.

Sending you hugs and I hope being here on this site will bring you some peace. 
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