I miss my Emily more than ever!  I feel lost without her and I am very sad. Emily was so attached to me and was always by my side. She was glued to me and I knew she loved me. We had a close bond and I don't think I will ever have a dog like her again. She comforted me when I had cancer and she favored me more than anyone in our family. I bought a new puppy who is 9 weeks old. I love her and my family s happy. However I feel more depressed now as the new puppy doesn't cuddle and likes to lay and sleep away from us. She is very playful but it seems highly unlikely that she will bond with me the way Emily did. Was it a mistake to get a new Puppy>
Emily's mom
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Hello lori. I just lost my cat bootsy 2 fays ago. He was the kind of cat that preferred to be by himself alot. When he wanted attention or cuddle time tho he was all in. He bonded to me like no one or any animal ever has. I had him for about 13 wonderful years and i moss my boy terribly. To see the way he was you would think hes mr attitude but he bonded to me very lovingly none the less. I personally am not going to get another cat because the pain of watching them die is just too great for me. I would say give your new puppy time. They are just like people, for the most part. Im sure he will warm up to you and want to cuddle. And if he doesnt, ill bet he has alot to offer you in the way of companionship.
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Hello Lori,
Sometimes when the pain is so great all we want is for it to stop. Emily was such a comfort for you as well as a companion. This new puppy will take time to get to know you and is most likley used to sleeping by herself. Remember she doesn't know you yet in the way that Emily did. She is a baby at 9 weeks and will need you to take on the role of comforting her and also playing with her.
Perhaps this has made you come to terms with the fact that Emily is gone (until you meet again one day) and that is what is making you really sad. Try to embrace the joy of having a young puppy and play with her as you once played with Emily. You can and should still take your private times to mourn Emily but please remember that this puppy will never replace Emily nor should she. Perhaps you can slowly show her how nice it would be to sleep closer to you (and to cuddle) maybe by bringing her bed beside yours. Slowly this little puppy will find her way into your heart - in her own way - but she will not take the spot you keep for Emily. Playing with her, looking after her and getting to know and to gradually love her will give your mind a break from the sadness and before too long you will have 2 dogs that you love(d) in different ways! All the best!
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