Gosh it will be 15 weeks this Thursday , time still feels standing still as if im stuck without my boy
It's gotten easier in some ways but the missing macky is there and never goes away, that's ok its the price i will pay for being lucky enough to off had his love for such a long time .
At times I still get a feeling of extream anxiety that my boys really gone and it will hit me at the oddest times .
God I miss him so so so terribly it sits heavy in my heart the lose of my perfect boy , my best friend.
I talk to macky daily every single day i always talk to him , i belive he hears me he is with me at times.
I had a dream a few weeks ago of Macky, its the 2nd time I've had a dream about him , its strange for me to dream as i never do ever hardly .
In my dream macky was leaving me and it broke my heart but towards the end of the dream i got macky back and he was restored back to health , he was with my pop and nan that have passed , it gave me chills all day this dream was so beautiful.
I think he was showing me that hes ok now and looked after and that I will be with him one day again . Such a beautiful dream ...
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