Hi, Just had to put my baby girl down this morning and it is hitting me much harder than I thought. My little chihuahua mix Lila passed this morning at the age of three. She truly was all I had in my life. Her memory will keep me going but it's so damn hard.

She was very sick this last week due to this sudden pancreatitis/diabetes. I brought her to the vet where she stayed for a few days. After taking her home she would not eat and kept throwing up water so I could not give any insulin. I brought her back to the vert and she had gotten much worse again. I made the decision to end her life...Even if she recovered it would be high risk of the same issues / needles every day and I could not bare to see her in that state.

She was such a happy little girl who lived for people, and snacks. I got her when she just turned 1 and she was very obese and could not walk up stairs at the time. We  very soon got up to going for runs, walking everywhere, and she gained so much energy.  I fed her quality food, and continued to exercise her but still gave her a good amount of treats and snacks. Which of course is whats eating me alive now. If I had given her a more strict diet she would be living a full life.

I know she was one happy girl, But I can't believe she is already gone. I guess I am writing all this as another thing to remember and vent. thanks.

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Hello .....Lila was such a beautiful baby... God bless her pure soul!! I can understand how hard it is for you right now..... it may be feeling like a nightmare...or just a bad dream.... worst is the feeling of guilt...... we are all going through the same emotions here....loss...pain...and guilt.

Pls hold yourself together.... try not to feel guilty...coz what you did was probably the right thing to did make her healthy... but probably her earlier condition had already set in the health problem...

All of us have a set amount of time on this is destined.....God plans it this way only.....It is not in our hands....beloved Lila also had this much time only to give away all her love to you...

Cherish her memories and keep remembering the lovely times you had with her... no one can actually feel your pain physically...but we can all emphathise as we have been through the same situations in our lives....

Only time will heal you and the strength of Lila's love and care for you will sail you through.


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