Don't know if I can write I have so many emotions going on but I will try. I had to put my dog Peanut (14 yrs old) down 8 days ago. I guess family members don't get the loss I feel. They must think I'm over it because noone asks how I'm doing or talks about it now. I'm not crying every day now but will break down at odd times. The grief of putting her down made me sick so trying to get over that right now. I have no appetite and just walk around feeling sad. I miss her and her presence so much. I have a cat and people say..well at least you have your cat. No..its not the same! First I think why would God have us make a decision to end a life. I'd rather that be his department. It was very traumatic to do. I knew she had health issues and the day was getting closer to losing her but it didn't make my grief any less. I feel kind of numb right now and keep thinking I can't believe she's gone. One day she's here and the next gone. I have the sweater she wore by my side at all times. I just want to hold her, pet her, kiss her and talk to her. I can't look at her pics or her toys right now. I just retired last December and was looking forward to more time with her and all I got was 11 mths. I moved from a house to an apt this past May and everywhere i walk here reminds me of her. I miss seeing her so much! I can't watch TV it bothers me. Then there's times my mind starts thinking...I hope she wasn't mad at me for putting her down. How can I deal with this longing for her.
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Gmr: I’m sorry for your loss! Grief is very, very hard! I’m sorry your family members are not supporting you the way you would like! Sometimes people don’t get the special relationship we share with out pets and the unconditional love they give us which is so hard to find anywhere else. When they are gone we lose so much with them! It’s good that you’ve found this forum. We are all here because we share the same love and pain of loss so you’ll find kindred spirits who can sympathize with everything you’re feeling. Hugs to you!
I just looked at Peanut’s picture. Such a little darling and such soulful eyes! Just beautiful!
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I know how you feel. My heart goes out to you. I had to put down my beautiful Holly 3 days ago. I will be thinking about you. It is very hard. I am taking it day by day. Grief is hard. Look after yourself. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself time. Sending you hugs.
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I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your lovely Peanut..After loosing a beloved pet we endure so much pain, confusion & extreme heartache not to mention other countless emotions that come with.

Please do not beat yourself up over putting your Peanut to sleep, it was an act of love & you did the unselfish thing by putting Peanut 1st by ending her suffering & she certainly would not have been mad at you. You did a beautiful thing for her.!

People who aren't pet people don't understand unfortunately & can unintentially say hurtful thing's..
People have told me to get another dog, are you over it yet & I broke down afterwards when I returned home! My feeling's were hurt so badly to say the least because it felt as if her memory had been trampled on by a bulldozer & thrown on a scrapheap & forgotten about, when to me she was the most magnificent, beautiful, gentle, pure creature on earth who I cry for every single day & at times feel like my heart is about to stop beating because she isn't here...I thought - how could they, how could they, SHE'S MY DAISY, MY BABY!!!

I understand that longing to hold, kiss & pet your Peanut, it is very natural and so is everything else that you are experiencing - the heartbreaking longing, the numbness & the disbelief. All I can say is try to be patient & take each day as it comes as grief comes over us in waves & we are all with you & feel you.

I understand your not being able to look at her pics or toys right now because you are hurting..If you feel the need to cry, shout, scream, kiss her sweater , don't hold back, we need to do these things in order to heal..Please keep posting on this forum because we are all here to support one another & it it is filled with love..It really is a godsend


I send you a big hug, love & light.

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Thank you everyone for your replies. It helps just knowing someone undestands. Sometimes you feel like your the only one going through this and then you come to a place like this and see so many others are going through the same thing. I'm sorry for everyone here's loss and hugs to you all.
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I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved dog. I lost Sassy my beautiful little staffy 7 months ago now and although I no longer break down daily I do still find myself crying my eyes out from time to time. It does get easier with time but at the same time there is no time restriction for grief.
I got a rescue dog 3 months ago and initially felt as if I was somehow being disloyal to my Sassy but he needed a home and I needed something to fill the huge void in my life and to break the awful silence in my home. There was nothing like her coming to greet me whenever I had been out.
Jasper will never ever replace my Sassy and I can never forget her but he is helping me to move on. Maybe in time you could find room in your heart and your life for another dog , I know it is too painful right now, but eventually it is something you should consider,
D a bryce
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