I missed Darcy so much it fours years when I have put down on 24 August 2013 I plant flowers ever 24 August really miss her jumping on my bed at be hard for me but now cats Sydnee and Annbel there be 10 March which I love them so much but be helping at Upper Morton farm and Lower Dayton farm looking after Animals there too. I really
Miss Darcy and I wish she was back it Christmas coming up and worry about Sydnee and Annabel be byself not happy with that! I know one day Sydnee and Annabel going rainbow bridge but problem is Darcy hate cats. I thought Sydnee and Annabel be ill last week at why haven't be on for while but Sydnee and Annabel alright now but do miss my beloved pet dog Darcy
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I like that you plant flowers for your Darcy every August, such a beautiful way to honor your sweet girl.
Sending my wishes for the love of your Darcy to always be felt so deeply in your heart.

Sincerely, Don & Vera
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