In memory of my sweet little black girl cat "MINT" who passed over to Rainbow bridge on Valentines Day 2010.

Four months ago her sweetest sister Ocelot passed over too so I now know they are together.
I would change everything to have them back. ...
My little girls - I love you so much.

Mint was a brave girl - she had cancer in the end,
She used to love to run fast, eat lots of chicken, play cute cat games, wait with her sister as I came thru the door, and she was also a studio cat with her Daddy. She loved loud music.

She visits me in my dreams when I'm troubled, I know she's looking after me , now she's also looking after Ocelot - together they are.....
Mint was in my dreams 2 nights ago- I was thinking of Ocelot over and over as it's so raw.......Mint was there and I know her message was that Ocelot is ok and is with her, Mint was looking at me all cute -meowing....
She had the cutest purr too.....

I miss you - Valentines Day is for you baby girl
Thankyou for it all

26/8/96 -- 14/2/10.
All of my love forever and beyond xxxxxxxxxx

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