This Christmas is the first in 14 years without my boy.  It's so hard to believe that he is gone.  He was my miracle baby......with the help of friends, we pulled him from the woods (literally!) with a collar through his neck muscle.  We rushed him to the vet, the collar was surgically removed, and he came to live with me.  My constant companion - wherever I was in the house, he had to be right there with me, laying down, with a paw braced against my leg.  He slept with me until he could no longer get up on the bed.  When I brought him home, I had another dog, a Min Pin named Chatter.  They loved each other so, and when it was time for Chatter to go, December 31, 2003, Windsor was so sad.  Now they are together again and wait for me to join them.  Chatter no longer has cancer, and Windsor no longer has that horrible collar scar around his neck.  They are at peace, but my heart is broken that they aren't here anymore.

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It was a beautiful thing you did saving Windsor and caring for him. All your years of love and companionship can never be erased. Without you he likely would have died a painful death far before his time. I hope you take some comfort in that. Your babies are in heaven now. Free and happy and together once again. I know you are broken hearted. That is how it should be. It's so very hard but it is the price we pay for loving them. It would not be right if we didn't feel terrible pain when they leave us. My thoughts are with you. I hope you will feel ready, in time, to open your loving heart to a new friend. The loss is very difficult but the love shared is priceless.
x tiki  
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