Dear Miko Luna,
I wish that there was some way you could read this.  Your momma misses you so much.  It has almost been 2 weeks since you left this world...I hope that the year of your life was the happiest I could have made for you.  You were my little sweet pea, and I miss snuggling in your long fur that always made me sneeze and make my eyes itch.  I hope you know I didn't care I was allergic to you.  I cherished every moment we had together until the end.  I remember telling you every day that I promised nothing bad would happen to you, since your sissy Freya would play rough with you.  I promised I would protect you.  I really hope you forgive me.  I never imagined that you'd get sick and I'd be forced to send you to heaven.  It broke my heart in two.  I blamed myself, for not being able to protect you.  But I couldn't see you like that:  limp, unable to move, and not eating.  I hated forcing you to eat and holding you in the litterbox so you could pee.  I saw in your eyes that you had already given up, so as I cried and held you as you took your last breath, I really really hope that you know, Miko, I loved you will all my being.  
Your momma.

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I am so, so sorry for the loss of your precious Miko Luna, you gave Miko the honor and loving decision of not allowing the suffering to continue, you gave the lasting loving gift you can give to Miko, as hard as it was for you to do.

I hope in time you are able to use your loving fond memories of Miko to help mend your broken heart, it takes time, so try not to push or rush yourself.

Sending positive healing thoughts your way.

Sincerely, Don & Vera
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That is a beautiful letter to your beloved Miko. I'm sure that, wherever she may be, she will get your loving words.

There is no easy way around this pain. I have never experienced anything this horrible. I'm very sorry you have to go through this.

Know that you are not alone in this situation and you did well to join the forum. It was, for me, the best thing I could do and it did help to know other people like me were going through the same ordeal.

I hope, in time, you may find some peace.

My thoughts are with you,

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Thank you both, Don & Vera and Eric for your kind words.  I've been on this site for almost a week, and I believe it is helping me quite a bit since Miko's passing.  for the first week and a half, I was crying myself to sleep.  Since I started on this site, I have not cried as much.  It is very helpful to be able to speak to people who share the same loss as me.  
I used to see a counselor a few years ago, because of my first cat of 13 years, I had to put down.  I felt uncomfortable with this counselor.  But with everyone here, I am much more comfortable, and it is so much easier to talk to people here.  
Thank you very much.  I am so glad to have been referred to this site.  
Thank you very much for responding and your kind words. 
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