I lost the love of my life 2 weeks ago, and I am still sobbing and blubbering like a baby today!  I have never been in so much pain.  He was a 12 year old yorkie with kidney failure.  In my mind and heart, I feel like he had more time left, but the hospital vet said his quality of life would not be good and that it would be very hard on me to watch his decline.  He was running in the yard the day before!  I really do not know how to process this pain.  I see him everywhere.  I dreamed of him last night.  I cannot function at all.  If anyone has any insight as to how to get through this, I am open to suggestions.  Love to all who are going through this.  
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I have no insights as I’m currently in bed crying about my dog when I should be working but I’m really sorry for your loss xx
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I am so sorry to hear about your loss. This forum has helped me and so many others and I hope that you continue to post. We all understand your pain and will support you. To second guess ourselves when we loose our pets is very common but please know that you gave your furbaby a life full of love. Our bodies heal naturally & in time yours will too. This forum will help you as will keeping his memory alive. When I lost my beloved Chihuahua "Daisy" I desperately needed to keep and surround myself with her in whatever way possible, so I bought a wonderful scrapbook & filled it with memories of her, I also bought a necklace with her name engraved on it and had a tattoo of her first initial!  Whenever I have a sad moment I look down at my necklace ( as I never leave the house without jt )and smile, as it's a reminder that she is around me in some way shape or form, & in addition to this wonderful forum there are also petloss telephone numbers if you feel you need to talk.
I lost my dog to kidney failure too & seeing her health decline almost killed me, but please know that deciding to end their suffering is an act of love and your furbaby is at peace. Just remember that we all understand . Sending you comfort on your healing journey. Be gentle with yourself.

Daisy's mummy
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I don't really have any insights. My 13 yr. old dog died a little less than two weeks ago.  The pain is constant and very real, as is the loneliness.
But I am holding on to one thing.  I believe in an afterlife and i believe animals have souls. My dog is in my past but she is also in my future. 
That's all I have, but I believe it and it is a comfort to me. If you decide to consider it, I hope it will comfort you too.  
"In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind. " Job 12:10  King James Version 
Don't mean to push any belief, it is just what I have and I am holding onto it for dear life.
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I’m a huge believer in the spirit world and what keep_swimming1 just said “My dog is in my past but she is also in my future.“ is so correct but also so beautiful. 

my cat died a few years ago and I feel him all the time. My dog died this week and I don’t feel him yet but I have every faith that I will 


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