Hi! Thatcher’s mom here! It’s been a while, while maybe not that long, I seem to have lost track of days. I’m visiting a cousin in the Outer Banks so kind of like a mini vacation - anyway yesterday I had a massage and it was so overwhelmingly amazing because for a while I was not in my body - I saw Thatcher and my mom together! I so wanted to go with them. If I never came back it would have been fine with me! They both looked happy and I guess they were trying to tell me they were doing good. I just started bawling on the massage table. It was absolutely unbelievable. I never had an experience like that before. After the massage the therapist and I were talking. She said I had so much tight energy that needed to be released. I did feel so relaxed and in a dream like state. I’m
So grateful to have had that experience. I still feel sad but I do feel I really was with My big boy Thatcher and my mom!!
Has anyone else had that kind of an experience before? I have also seen Thatcher when meditating , but this experience went so much deeper.
I hope everyone on this site will have their pain eased a little more today. It’s so so difficult to go through this but feeling the pain for me is helping me get through it a little bit more.
Peace and good wishes to each and everyone of you!
Thatcher’s Mom Cecelia
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Thank you for sharing your experience of seeing Thatcher and your mom together doing well. I have never experienced anything like that but it is nice to know it is possible.

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