Dearest Rita,
Merry Christmas baby girl!
Today is Christmas as well as three months since you went to the bridge.  It's a sad day for mommy but I'm trying to dwell on how happy you made me for 11 Christmases past.  I hope you are doing well and having a fun day with your new friends.  I had a dream about your mom last week and she told me you were doing well and at peace. Life is sure not the same since 9/25 but you knew how utterly devastated I am and you coaxed me to visit the unfortunate animals at the ASPCA.  I went back a few times before a kitten literally reached out to me to ask for a new and loving home.  At first I hesitated and figured I could not love another cat the way I love you.  But something came over me and now I realize it was you telling me I have a lot of love to give and what better way to honor you than to adopt another cat.  In the first couple of weeks I kept comparing Sage to you, but then I realize there will never be another you and it doesn't mean I can't love another cat.   Having Sage brings back the warm memories of your kittenhood that I had tucked away in my heart.  I have finally reached a place in my heart that I know we will meet again someday and my mission now is to love Sage the way I love you!  I know she appreciates having a new home too, even though she is a wild little kitten.  She is a brave little kitten climbing the Christmas tree, which is something you never did as a kitten.  Even though she is a handful I believe you sent her to me.  I'm so tired from chasing her around and playing with her I don't have time to think about how sad I am without you.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas at the bridge with your new friends and your mom.  Tell your mom again how thankful I am to have had her daughter for 11 wonderful years and I hope you continue to show your presence by coming to me in dreams.  Thank you for showing me unconditional love.  
Until we meet again my baby,
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Christmas is very hard without our loved fur baby. It's great that you can give Sage a loving home..even with that Rita will always be as close as your heart. Love and blessings to you. Judylinn
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