My dear friends.  I hope you will forgive me for my absence.  The old grief comes pouring back each time I pop on here

It shall be the third Christmas without my little Gemma.  You never do stop missing them and I know this time of year is going to be so difficult for all of you

I am thinking of you all and hoping that you are taking care of yourself  My heart breaks for you all who have loved and lost this is a very difficult time for you

I promise the grief shall improve with time.  I don't cry myself to sleep as much anymore bu since my little Gemma left I have always said goodnight to her....her name is the last work on my lips each day

We will never forgot those in heaven

My love to you all x

Love Julie x
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thankyou for the wonderful message Julie. Maddie is the first words in the morning, and the last at night. The love for them is just so strong....wishing you a blessed Christmas

everyone here will be in my prayers at this time of year. It is so hard the 1st christmas without your loved one, but as Julie says, it does get more bearable. Blessings to you all...Judylinn
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Thank you Julie and Judy for remembering our babies.

We are all having a rougher year than other years this year.

We need our family.

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