You went away on 9/23/16. You left me so suddenly. Your memories are all I have Wang'Zi. They're what keeps me going. 

I wake up daily thinking you're under the bed and you'll come out in the morning. I look behind me when I go down the steps thinking you're not too far away. I await your welcome when I get home...but you're not there. You haven't been there for a while now. That's the reality of it. 

I feel EMPTY. So I hold on to your memories. They're all I have my little Wang'Zi. 

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memories are good. keep immersing yourself with them. I just have to know how you came up with that name? it is so cute. tell us a story of wang. grab a box of Kleenex and do it. it helps to talk.
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Ha! I don't even know where to begin..

I searched for the perfect dog for three years. I wanted my pet to match my personality, and preferred certain characteristics. I searched online on multiple websites until I found Wang'Zi. I contacted the seller immediately after I saw him online and that's how it all began.

He was three months and a few weeks old when I received him. Tiny little thing! He could literally fit in my palm when he was brought home. I named him Wang'Zi (meaning prince in Chinese) because he was my little prince and also a Chinese Imperial breed.

I taught him how to go up and down the stairs at my house. He was thought the basics dogs learn, i,e.. sit, stand, lie down, etc.. He became my fur child and my best companion. And I loved him as such.

Living with Wang'Zi was like a roller coaster. We had great days, good days, ok days, and bad days. Nonetheless, he NEVER left my side. There were times when I would be absent for long periods due to work, college, social life, etc.. and he would be home with my parents just missing me. I went on many guilt trips those days.

I've never experienced such love and loyalty. I danced with my dog. I sang with him. I talked to him. I dressed him for different occasions and he hated that. He looked too cute so I couldn't resist. I learned patience with him. I ran outdoors with him. Many laughters and tears were shared with him. My dog understood me but he couldn't talk to me. That was all.

Wang'Zi's last grooming experience was on 09/09/16 at The Red Dog. I had my sister picked him up from the place due to the fact that I had classes and work right after. I remember receiving a phone call from my mom saying that Wang'Zi was missing at home. She mentioned how she searched everywhere and was not able to find him. I panicked and shortly left work to go search for him. When I arrived home and ran up the steps, I saw my dog coming out my parent's room limping. LIMPING! I cried so hard! I had so many negative thoughts of what could've happened to him while I was work so I was relieved to see my Wang'Zi. But little did I know that this was the beginning of the end of his life.

The next day he was extremely lethargic. He refused to eat or drink. He had blood coming out of his urine when taken to the backyard to do his business. I panicked and cried. I ran to my father who was sleeping and cried by the bed side. I just remembered saying "Wang'Zi" and my father panicked. We drove to the ER with him and spent 6 hours there. Tests were performed on him but no diagnosis. We left and took him home with prescribed medications. Wang'Zi was closely monitored at home. And through observations we noticed that his health was deteriorating. And quite rapidly too. Phone calls were made consistently to the doctor who saw him and it was very difficult to get in touch with her. It was hard not knowing what was hurting my baby. All I was able to do was give him meds, wait for results, brought him back for tests that went "bad", and waited some more. After two weeks of him barely eating (he had to be fed everyday with a spoon/syringe), excessive peeing, dramatic weight loss, excessive eye discharge, lethargy, him not responding to anyone, he was brought back to the hospital. He was hospitalized for two and a half day and had already accumulated a bill of $3500. And yet I had to FIGHT to receive a diagnosis!

I had to make a decision on the "third" day of him being hospitalized. That's also when I found out he had chronic kidney disease. I had no more savings. And no more aid. He was released to me and looked the same as before. Dreadful. I cried when I saw how hideous my Wang'Zi looked. A once so beautiful little pup.. and what was returned to me was NOT the fur baby I knew. He was released with so many medications, and some were hourly meds. I had alarms set up for each of his meds at home. My dedication to improve his quality of life was quite extreme. Nonetheless, I was dying inside.

I missed many classes, failed many assignments, missed many days at work, prayed religiously to God asking for a sign. I was hopeful and hopeless all the while he was under my care. There were times when he would try to interact with me and times when he did not budge. But it wasn't until I spoke with a staff from PETA that I fully acknowledged the situation for what it was. Wang'Zi was dying. My baby, my best friend, my little Wang'Zi was dying. And he was dying slowly.

I sent a chained text message to everyone who helped during those tough 3 weeks. It was time to say goodbye to my best friend.

The day of his death, we listened to wonderful music. I cried with him and promised him that I would remain by his side through all of it. My boyfriend and I drove back to the hospital where he was cared for to have him euthanize. We had a few moments to ourselves to say goodbye to a wonderful family member. The doctor who took him under her care was the one who explained the process and carried it through. I was at least relieved that he was not in the midst of strangers.

He knew it was his time to leave. He gazed deep into my eyes as to say "It's ok mom. Don't cry for me". After all, he hated when I shed tears.

I lost my baby on 09/23/16 at 9pm.

Wang'Zi was more than a "dog". He was my little prince.
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