I just wanted to talk about my new necklace with Chico's ashes. It is so beautiful and it makes me feel good wearing it because I feel better when I can touch part if my baby. A lot of people do not understand this and that is why I'm writing in this forum. It just seems that even my husband is put out when I bring up stuff about Chico. Thank you guys for being there for me:)

I just want to say that I'm wishing he would come to me in a dream, but he has not. Did this happen to anyone else? How can I make it happen?
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I have thought of having my dogs ashes made into some piece of jewellery so I can understand how you feel. My cat is terminally ill and I have to let him go soon and will probably do something with his ashes too but I'm too heartbroken at the moment to think straight. I don't think you can make yourself dream of them it will happen when the time is right. I never dreamt about my parents for a long time after they died but now I dream about them a lot and they're always well in my dreams and just doing everyday stuff. I think I wouldn't have been able for dreams of them too soon so maybe I was in some way protecting myself until I was ready. Chico will always be with you my dog jasper died in 2012 and I still call my new dog by his name sometimes. Enjoy your necklace and long may it bring you comfort
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