Mr. Poof.
It’s been five days since I took you to the bridge and watched you cross.
I have mourned deeply and miss you terribly.
Tonight is the candlelight ceremony. I am saddened that I can’t be there, but I made a special memorial for you.
I am praying for you, also for all the other babies and their loved ones.
I love you so very much.
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I had a Puffy, we called him Poof and Mr.Puff. Lost him almost two years ago. They were both very beautiful kitties.
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Poofs Mom,

Sending you love! I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful boy! He is so adorable. These relationships are so special and unique - I feel privileged to know my Teddy. He was my best friend. 

Their love is so unconditional and unwavering. What an honor to be known by them.

My condolences <3

i see you in my dream my sweet little boy
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Poofsmom, I am so sad for you. Mr Poof is such a beautiful kitty! The memorial you made for him is very lovely and I'm hoping it brings you some peace. 5 days is a very short time so I know you are still mourning your baby and it's so painful for you right now. I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs to you,
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The pictures of your Mr. Poof are priceless, he was truly a beautiful kitty, so sweet. Just 5 days is a very short while and I know the pain you are feeling feels unbearable at times. I wish I could tell you it goes away but it does not. We learn to live with it somehow. I'm sorry for your loss. Many hugs.......
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Thank you so much for your loving support.
This has brought comfort to me.
I’m still in a dark place, but have lighter moments. Unfortunately, they don’t last long, and I feel guilty.
The vet called today, right when I was looking at a precious picture of Poof. She said his remains are there and I can pick them up.
My husband will be the one to bring them home. I just can’t go there.
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I picked up both my babies remains and it was utter heartbreak. So difficult because it is so final seeing and holding what we have left of them. I hope having him back home with you brings you some comfort, I know it did me.
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I'm glad Poof is coming home to you. I barely made it to the car without crying , and once I got home... I do feel better having Rookie home with me, but still seeing his box, and knowing that's what's left of his physical being is heartbreaking. I wish you find some peace today.
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Mr. Poof looks like he is a wonderful, special being who brought a lot of light to your life. I feel so much sadness for you, but please take comfort in the happy memories you have. It's been 2 1/2 years since I lost one of my precious boys, and the light will get brighter. I love Mr. Poof's memorial, and hope that having his remains back with you will bring you some comfort.
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I have no words to express how grateful I am to all of you, who are also going through this.
In your own sorrow, you are there for me.
Thank you so very much!
It is like being adrift in a dark ocean and seeing little lights here and there, knowing that I have to paddle toward them.
Thank God for your light.
I hope that the tiny glitter I am sending to you will someday be a beacon of hope and peace.

Thank you!🐾🙏❤️
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