Oh sweet sweet boy, precious in all that you are.
Oh sweetheart I'm so sorry .  It kills me ,
My heart is breaking.  The love drops will not stop.
You came and you went. When you came you were
a bundle of joy, so smart. You loved the attention
that Shane gave you , he loved you.
Who would have ever guest that he would see you in
the woods one day as he was riding the 4 wheeler,
and when he came home there you were at our house.
You would leave and be gone for days and then come
back.  One day you so called parents drove down the road
passed our house and yelled there's Max our dog.
You left with them and a day later you were back
at my house.   You loved the 4 wheeler's they took you
and your sister in the woods all the time.  If you were here
and Shane came over to get his 4 wheeler to go ride you
would get so excited. 
When I would bring food out for you , you got so excited
and that old yellow blanket. You love it.
You would eat and stay the night and still be here in the morning
and I'd feed you again and when I would get home from work you
would be gone again. For days . Then you would show up again.
Oh you loved that Shane my son.
Who would know that the last time we saw you alive
would be before Thanksgiving. 
Today between 6:30 and 7:45  you left this world and
entered into your new world. You left us Max and did not
get to say good by.  Ohhhhhhh Max Ohhhhhh Max.
Shane was coming down Lott Road and he saw  two beagles
that had been hit he passe them , and thought to him self that can't
be Max.  He turned around in great fear and went back.
There you were laying next to your sister  she is all messed up
you are not but the life has been taken away from you
you must have internal .... oh Lord. 
Shane put in in the back of his truck and brought you here.
Where you knew there would always be love and food.
Shane walked through the back door , tore up, I knew it was bad,
He said mom Max is dead he is in the back of my truck.
Oh we both are so up set and so so sorry.
We are having the why did we not do this or do that.
Your so called parents did not care about you.
You wood run the woods and stay gone for days.
Shane says your sister is so messed up and it is so bad that
he can't go back up there.  He says I could not leave him
just laying on the road.   I told him he did the right thing by
bringing Max back here.
Now that wonderful beautiful beagle boy about 10 months old
lays next to my Maggie Mae and Mesha Gail and Baby .
Ohhh Max,  baby I'm soooooooooo sorry sooo sorry.

We will miss you darling Max we love you sweet sweet boy.
((((((  Max ))))))  xoxoxoxoxoxox    12/2/09   Max  xoxoxo Max

Tonya Mesha Gails mommy Babies and Maggie Mae's too at the bridge
Mommy to living baby Kit Kat AND as of 7/14/2010 Cotton (puppy)
For the love of our babies
They are the reason
Forever and Always Forever and a Day
Oh what a love is the love of our babies
A love like no other. Love drops fall

MY PRECIOUS SWEET GIRL Mesha Gail My Very Heart and your Shane's too

REMEMBERING MERCY xoxoxox oh what a love.

REMBERING MAX passed 12/1/2009 xoxoxox We love you MAX xoxoxo
Shane and I love you.

My true register date is Jan. 2006 ****** it took me that long before I cold talk about my loss.
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My heart breaks with you and your grief.  You know that he is at the bridge with all of the others and can run and play endlessly.  Max knew that you loved him and were the best home and place for him.  This is why he came back to you after his other parents took him away.  He will always love you and will know that you love him.
Bless you for giving him such a great loving home in his too short life.

I am praying for comfort for you and your son.

Lisa - Bailey and Tabitha's forever mom
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Oh Tonya, I'm just seeing this now and I'm in tears reading this.  My heart is breaking for you and Shane!  Baby Max knew what love was because of you, Bless your dear and loving heart. There's nothing you could do Tonya to prevent what happened to Max. And Bless your son Shane for bringing him back to you! He did the right thing! Now he is lays next to your beloved  one's your Maggie Mae, Mesha Gail and Baby!  Oh God bless them! My Beagle Boy Ozzie was there to greet Max at the Gates of the Bridge and Ozzie will stay by Max's side and take good care of him. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Shane.

Love and hugs,


Tricia, Burton&Ozzie's Mom

"Good night sweet prince:And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!"
William Shakespere's Hamlet
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Oh, Miss T ~

My heart breaks reading the story of beautiful Angel Max.  He and his sister are safe and happy forever now, and they will always be with you and Shane, the ones who truly loved them all along.  The love drops won't stop, Miss. T.  May God bless you and Shane for loving Max so well.


My heart is battered and bruised, but I will not let it break. It holds such precious cargo, I must protect it now. (Susie Squillions)

"Memories of loved ones are like songs in our soul." Margaret Wakeley




In one of the stars, I shall be living.
In one of them, I shall be laughing.
And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing when you look at the sky at night.
~ The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery
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Oh Tonya, this broke my heart and the tears won't stop.  He was lucky to have known your love, warmth and compassion.  how very tragic for these two sweet souls ....... I'm so sorry for your pain ...... I'm happy he knew your love
hugs and prayers
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