Things have been very stressful lately. I’m thinking back on all my moments of anxiety and worry when I had you to pet or hold and cuddle. Just the feeling of your soft fur made me relax. Things feel so overwhelming and chaotic without you. I miss you so much. I always loved when you rolled on your back, waited for me to scratch your belly. I really took so much from how you enjoyed all of the little things. Your ears scratched, giving kisses, running around in fast circles, bringing your ball to play tug of war, watching me take the blankets out of the dryer and then following them and jumping in them warm and clean. I loved how if you wanted to jump on the couch, you would start barking, until I brought a blanket over and folded it just right. Then you’ll jump up and be absolutely content. You loved nesting. We would come home, I would frantically search the house, until finally I found you in a basket of clean or dirty laundry. I have such a blanket obsession, I felt like we were meant to be over our love of soft and cuddly things. Having you in my life made everyday special, it made everyday complete. You were my rock I could always count on for support. I’m realizing how important it is for me to form more support, especially in the wake of your parting. I really need people to talk to with about this . This forum has been wonderful, but hearing people’s voices and having live conversations is something I need. I ordered a painting of you that is arriving today. I just have to figure out where I would most likely want to see you every day. I love you so much son. I’ll see you in our special meeting spot. 

Love , 

Laraine Esposito 
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I did not have a good day yesterday but people on here are so kind and helpful and they do realise you are not alone in your grieving...sometimes I go through the days thinking that I am through the worse...and then like yesterday hit me like a ton of bricks. I was hanging onto my boys pet carrier sobbing and kissing it.

Today I do not feel to bad...but it comes in waves.

Monty was a house cat and he loved watching the birds making his funny birds noises and in the winter he loved lying in front of the one could get a look in...How I will miss that.

I to am having a painting done for Monty...I am lucky that I know a local artist and he was only to please to do it.

I hope you find a beautiful place where you will see him every day.


Ellen x
Ellen Hague
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