Im am destroyed, cant stop crying passed away last night, hours earlier he was playing and eating fine. He was fine, 16 yrs old: Maui. Best yorkie anyone ever met. Sudden heart attack & I never knew he had a heart condition. Never showed any signs. I cant believe it. It was so quick in less than an hour he was gone for ever. It is surreal! I miss him so bad. Dont know what to dooooooooo
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I know where you are honey,..breathe slowly. Do you have anyone to help you? Maui is still with you on another "plane". He would want you to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. I know that right now you don't care about that..but
try and remember it for later. Grieve but know in his place Maui would NOT
WANT YOU TO MAKE YOU ILL ALSO. You have come to the right
If you want to & have not done so yet..Put "Maui"on the list for the next
Monday night Candle ceremony. Let us know how YOU are doing. We care.
Rest In Peace~ Raven 1992-2011
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I know exactly how you feel!  My Missy went much the same way...she was fine on Saturday night and wake up Sunday to find her gone.  My husband thinks she had a heart attack in her sleep.  It is horribly anguishing to lose a beloved pet no matter how it happens, but I think it is even worse when unexpected.  Then again, do we ever really expect a loved one to die, even when they are sick?  Maybe I just feel that way because we lost Missy so unexpectedly...but I wish that something had prepared me for this agony.  It does help to see that there are others who understand and who will listen and care.  Try to take care of yourself, your Maui would not want you to get sick!
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I'm so sorry to hear of Maui's sudden passing. You came to the right place to get help with your grief, you are not alone. You and Maui are in my thoughts and prayers.
God bless
I love you my dearest and sweetest little boy "Archie"
I'll be there my little soft baby!
10/27/00 - 12/13/10
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I'm so sorry for your loss, having experienced almost the same thing with my Sindar 3 weeks ago yesterday. Everyone here will be a support. Take the time you need to grieve. After the first two days of crying, I found writing/journaling my memories of Sindar helped me to focus on my love for her and the wonderful times we had together rather than the horrible day of her passing. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May you find peace through this process. -Lori
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I understand completely my Mint collapsed and I had to put her down 1 day later she had an unexpected tumor in her and spread to the heart. It feels like your whole world falls apart. I have been working on a scrapebook for Mint the pictures have reminded me of all the good times and I can design it to fit her spirit. I also come here alot and express my feelings for my emotions are up and down as the days go by. You will find alot of friends here who care and will listen. You are in my thoughts and prayers again I am sooooo sorry.
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