Today would have been my Baby's 15 birthday but there was no happiness only tears and sobbing.  Matski is here because she is buried in the front yard where I can see her grave every time I open or close the blinds. But I can never hold her again or hear her purring or give me tummie sugar or snuggling together for a nap. I miss her so much it hurts. They say time heals all but this is one hurt I don't think will ever heal. Time with her was way too short.

I Love You my little darling.
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Chenillecat, I know how you feel. I lost my beautiful black kitty Raven just before Easter due to kidney failure and a tumor on her liver. It's a pain I don't think will ever leave. I've had animals my whole life and lost both parents and my grandparents but this affected me worse than anything else I've ever gone through. Those "firsts", birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, are so difficult and some never seem to get better. Not having them here to hug and cuddle is the worst part. Matski sounds like she was so very loved and still is. Just know you're not alone here. When I light Raven's candle next time, I'll include you and your dear baby too.
Blessings and prayers from Marie and the crew 🐱🐌🐊
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