A piece of my soul left me Thursday afternoon. My nearly 16 year old boston terrier, Bosco Marley, peacefully slipped away. I was only 20 when he came into my life. Looking back, i remember the first day as clear as if it were yesturday. Yesturday was the last day. The last time he would kiss me, last time i would smell his skin, count his freckles, hold his hand, kiss his neck and touch his silky smooth fur. And the last time he would look in my eyes and stare into my soul, which was his counterpart. We have him a great, long life. But the truth is, he made mine even better. I was always so proud he was my dog, and as unaturally attached i was to him, i never cared what people thought because we shared a soul. We shared a heartbeat. I am so lucky to have experienced this type of companionship. I truly feel touched by heavens to be able to feel this light. And now, even after his last breath, i still feel it. I put my head on his chest and slowly his heart paced, until it fell into tender pulses that eventually faded completly. How many times have i listened to his heart pound over 15 years? Thousands perhaps. A whole lifetime worth. Theres so much more i could share. Like how beautiful he was, how funny, how big, how sweet and mostly, how much he loved me. My best friend and my heart is no longer tangible to touch, but i truly still feel him in my soul. A fire that will never go out. My Bosco Marley poochie baby mister mister.
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Ashley what a beautiful letter describing the loving relationship/bond that only one who has completely loved and been loved completely could tell. You really said it all and in such heartfelt words that I have nothing to add. You are right this is an eternal flame, he’ll never venture far from you. Your pictures are so sweet❣️ What a content look on both of you, the love shows. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into this love story,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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My mother had a Boston Terrier named Terry and after my mom died I never saw Terry again.  She went with my mom's boyfriend and last I heard his mother made him get rid of her since she was afraid of her.  I feel awful and wish I would have taken her but didnt hear about it till a long time after it happened.  Sorry for your loss, Boston Terriers are great little dogs.
If love could have saved you you never would have died.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. You wrote such amazing words for your boy. ❤ I love all the pictures you shared. Hugs.
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